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Love your woman

Good I have spent my whole life
with one only
wouldn't like to take a chance with another

some like to change women
like does a five star hotel visitor
but men and women are of all kinds....

some cynic
some beautiful
some crank
some intelligent

But what is a woman
who does not know love
or can't let you in above
to let you see her soul from within

Women don't know men at all
some are shy
many afraid after all
so love a woman.
f you have the stamen....
else save your semen
for the right one

woman is unpredictable
O son
ask your sister or mom
as Valentines many will come
after the night they may
shun and run
leaving you
to moan

so man
I am a well wisher
of all that is human

get one
any one and love her in turn
adjust if you have to
’coz under the cover of darkness
all women have only one thing in common
that interests most men
at that moment

rest is a life of
don't it ever despise
love your own wife
More than your life


Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


some like to change women
like does a five star hotel visitor

I think you meant to say "like hotels"
not "hotel visitor"?

I am not sure I like the poem, on one hand it states that your protagonist is a man of one woman ,
on the other hand the whole tone of the poem sounds deminishing women. You sound angry and not sincere.

Some of the rhymes are too straightforward as if you write an advertisement.


will make amends
no one told me yet
no poem

Thanks will redo
normally I don't
but you have taken so much of u r invaluable time
I must respect

author comment

Don't have to. Just leave exactly what you want to say.


This piece evokes some sort of philosophical treatise on females
It perplexes me because I find it to be sort of all over the place as in scattered and disjointed
I'm left not knowing really anything about what you think save you are one woman man because you don't like change Its a bit rough for even a straight narrative never mind a poem
It seems jumbled consequently to hard to read Don't you want the reader engaged?
How hard do you want me to work?
I'm a lazy bastard I need things to fall into place

Suggestion: Poetry is musical , It can be eloquent when used with devices like metaphor and powerful language It is Art. Some of the best poems in the world are on the site link below. Read them over and over and try to understand why they are loved and respected and then mirror what you love,


I've seen you do way better
Best Z

this one was composed in 1960...
when the world was of a different kinda breed

unlike today's
the way all freely seed
no inhibitions please
just an opportunity seize

author comment

this poem was nice---------------------

........ When I was your age I enjoyed a hook.
You think I know nothing of metamorphosis

but when I was your age I invented a key change.
You don’t have to know what I know....... very nice will read more for sure

When I was your age I enjoyed a hook.
You think I know nothing of metamorphosis

author comment

I would never assume anything about what anyone knows
I just respond to what is before me

Best Z

free and frank
we love it
its better to be outspoken
than stbb in the back kind
gracious of you

author comment

No stabbing. Just a little skin grafting here and there :)

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