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Love Ya " Weirdelf" (JESS)

cheer up young brother is it any wonder that made Stevie still wonder..,
back side of the porch scene politicize its people scene then below a pillow
the golden noodle pierce you head in fondness to flow very often in a dream..,
the old Caldor right at the door & Two Guys to my surprise put aside those lies
love the ovation set out on a prowl of dedication piercing the inner arrangement scene
it takes a hero to move pillars stand tall & deliver...

moving faster and faster,
after the porch does claim
let me stick closer to explain..,
the seed of Moxie refrain

hey can't understand as many times as I explain even if the words are as clear as day. Even if I used every definition in every possible way. Try to mold like clay but they just melt and wash away. What does it take to stop the hate all the fish in the sea and they'd still fight over steaks. Eh, why bother even worrying just cut the b.s. out, and forget everything these ducks be flocking about. All they do is quack quack quack and all they care about is whack whack whack. Here's a penny for your thoughts. Keep it to yourself, cuz I don't need negativity yo it's bad for your health.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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