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The Lost

Have you ever felt like you
lost your way?
Like you bumped your head
and you lost a day-
or maybe three
or four, you know?
Completely lost
with no where to go

No one to turn to
not that you would
Hard to explain
not that you could
Everything's changed
while remaining the same
All the same players
but a whole different game

Like pieces are missing
but where did they go
The ones that are closest
are like no one you know
You know you're not dreaming
you know you're not crazy
but day after day
is confusing and hazy

Have you ever felt
like you lost your way?
Like you're treading water
in an endless bay
Like it's sink or swim
in an endless sea
where you're close to drowning
wondering how that'd be

This is a conundrum
a song with no tune
it started with twilight
and now it's the moon
Don't know if you're losing
or someone is taking
The one thing for sure-
you know that you're breaking

Have you ever felt
like you lost your way?

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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This pandemic has brought on some ups and downs for us all, I'm no exception.
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Not Explicit Content


lost a lot lately. You are right; the world just doesn't seem the same anymore. You have summed it up very well. Maybe it's the masks everryone is wearing. Sometimes, I look at people I've know all my life and wonder if they are really the same person. Maybe I read too many Dean Koontz and Tami Hoag novels? Anyway, I really enjoyed the theme of this one. Good stuff. ~ Geezer.

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I hardly think there's anyone that hasn't felt this way at some time. For sure with all that we are dealing with now, who doesn't.
Tami Hoag, boy it's been ages since I've read her, or anything not found on the computer. My grand daughter would be proud.

Thanks .

author comment

I hear you and yes I believe we were all here at one time or another
well wriiten piece of work
gives one puse at what answer they would have

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Much appreciate the read and comment.


author comment

Nice to meet you,

Yes this is a great write, love the rhyming, in any case this is a great theme because of course it's something we all relate to at some point, however the pandemic has brought so many to the point of Lost, without doubt.

If there was one thing I could say is that you could take "the" away from your title, and simply use Lost. Just my observation.

Thank you...Teddy

backatcha. Glad you found something you like in this post. Your time and comment are very much appreciated. As for the title, the "The" will remain for my own filing system I have another poem already titled "Lost." Thanks for the suggestion.


author comment
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