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The Little Things

People ask me what love is
and I smile because I know
I see the answer in you every day

Your sadness for old shoes
left on a windowsill
waiting to be rescued from the rain

The scar above your eye you hate
when it speaks to you in the mirror
Always and relentlessly there,
sharing a home with the old ones in your heart
colored crimson and blue

It’s not perfection I seek
It’s the little things that are real
and draw me closer to you
They leave their impressions;
with no chance of escaping my heart

Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Last few words: 
Ruminations on what love is to me.
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Hi, Michael,
Your poetry delights in the obvious - you bring out the magic in the simple and the unpretentious. I love the old shoes on the windowsill. That's the good stuff!
Thank you!

Appreciate your thoughts L. Thank you for the very kind words, and I'm happy you enjoyed this piece.

Michael Anthony

author comment

That's the word I always look for when I read your work unpretentious, thanks to Lavender.

you astound me with your honest take on everything. I really love poetry that comes from the heart and you always please my eyes and my mind and my heart.
Your second and third stanza's are my favourites because you show it all on a plate, or so be it on a windowsill, my eyes feel heavy too some days when I think of those I miss. I Just love your understanding towards us ladies, but I love the way you are oblivious to your gift. X

Thank you...Teddy

Teddy, you are too kind, but thank you very much. I always enjoy your comments and perspective on my writing - be well!


Michael Anthony

author comment
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