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Little Magics

“Your coffee is ready”, she says
in her soft morning voice
The smell is subtle in our house,
its promise bringing us together
with purpose in our tiny kitchen

We shuffle between each other, reaching for some sugar,
a spoon and some well-worn cups. Food for the dogs too,
tails wagging so furiously, causing their bodies
to careen from side to side,
barely able to contain so much anticipation

We put their food down quickly;
first things first when you have dogs, of course

Am I in your way?”, she asks
“No Baby, not possible”, I reply
as my hand brushes against her soft pink top,
(her signature color, we both agree),
touching her gently, a reassurance
our early dance is a welcome choreography

Stepping out the back door, warm cups in hand,
welcoming the mild summer morning
We inspect our tomato plants and fruit trees
Some are ready to contribute to a salad tonight

We smile at each other knowingly,
appreciating the alchemy of mornings like these,
enchantments we hope will be there again tomorrow
when we turn out the lights on the day

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Another exercise in appreciating the moment.
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Not Explicit Content


How I missed commenting on this one! Thanks for taking me through your morning! I anticipated an early-morning tryst after the line about brushing her soft pink top. But I guess that could have come after the coffee and checking of the garden. I mean, the dogs will have been fed, the garden tended to and you have the rest of the morning free, right? Good work! ~ Geez.

Glad you liked this one Geez! And you are correct - LOL!


Michael Anthony

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