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listen please godme


God replies
Heart is just a pump
to keep you alive
blood flowing
in your veins

Second Question
Let me ponder
shall return ....

Yes, yes
Smile upon thyself
you will feel

Ask, be not shy
I am to help
in your thoughts
into the wilderness
you will fly
you will also come by
you know why!

Ask more
do clarify
I shall not lie

but to use your brain
O man including woman
do try
now all are aware why

I am overloaded
by 7.5 billions
adding on daily
despite my Cancer gifts
accept me but still

I am ''your''

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


With fine words you have expressed it's a matter of heart.
This would light the inner flame that had ignited the spark within you.
It's good that the heart be weighed with grace.
Condemnation and fear does nothing to strengthen one's heart.
An unbelievable writing and I humbly applaud your efforts.
I found no flaws in this piece keep them coming.
Light & Love,
Mario William Vitale

Mario Vitale

for your kindness

some understand me now
some later
some abuse me
but when home

they ask themselves
what did loved say!!!!!!!!

author comment

at the end...when i had issues with my mom.
and dad...
I stayed away...overwhelmned by flashbacks
having my own money..
she had seven xmas presents under the
tree...Chloe my daughter said even more
then me dad..But she was also raised
by mother so She knows...
the dragon! my mother!
I loved her...miss her...
five years put those presents
hoping I would blow in from
hitchiking..walk the ten miles
through town..
but I was done..
could not take one more
heavy liner about guilt
and she loved xmas
cancer took her at seventy
dad at eighty two with
a stroke...
xmas was always hard
and somehow I ended up
with strong women that
always dutifully went to
Midnight Mass...Im not
a catholic..but appreciate
their system....
in ThunderBay one year
sat up in the opera box
I call it where the singer
whom my then girlfriend
knew...all wealthy..
was singing Ava Marie
it was very beautiful!!
place was packed..
who's who

I always believed in God
and the spirits were always
close to me...Native side
and the old
genes maybe...
saw many miracles on
the road....
can by to hear
what U had to say

and I am enjoying
xmases finally
why torture myself
but enjoy!

thank U!

Mr Wolf!

then reply esker

author comment
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