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There is a silence deep
still and hidden
all truth forbidden
to my soul
my heart pretending
not to fear.
and my mind suffers
from the knowing
which I must endure.

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in poetry of ur own creation
though you have a family for devotion
a life lived in separation
is like dreaming with apparitions
love the days you have today
as time comes
we all will go away
none will ever know
we walked by passed this way
so why continue to cry today

time without winding or minding
simply passes its own pathways
it never sways
takes all lives along with it always
so have a happier

The today is painful, the tomorrow all too soon. I did not expect this; thought I had plenty of time, Doctors were wrong.

thank you ,my friend, for your wise words..


author comment

No matter how time passes we will pass into a place where there is no time, and all the ills will be quieted, we will be as we think to be, and ready to meet those that meant so much to us, as we cross that threshold of love.
As someone once said "In my house there are many mansions"
Just be ready to belong to those that have preceded you.
Then light a candle for me to show the pathway you have taken, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I don't fear death, but the process.

thanks, Iian


author comment

this too will pass gradually
but when no one really knows it
docs gave me three months life
twenty years ago

Raging water falling from my fingers.
no time to drink my fill.
carried away in a river's madness
nothing to grab onto.
memories betray
voices still

author comment

yet like a river

you will live on still
cleaning up the sides of the hill
be it so
we all love you
the river must merge with the sea
as it will

but it's a long way yet
the river has to see many a bend
to no end
then the sands will reach the shore
later the water will be again made pure

the clouds of happiness will rise again
the cycle will complete
alas not in vain
till then await the next train

be happy till on life's sojourn
you remain
the end may be
not yet
as near as one may fear the pain
we all endure for ever
whilst living till
one is no more
remain silent but not still

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