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Light on the Stones

Two hard stones, surrounded by soft bubbly foam, with insects and elephants moving pleasurably in the mist. The comfortable confident stone substance does not move, but the foam forms to the grooves, bubbling with complete ease and embrace. Mist caresses the stones in the night. The sounds of the insects mix with the sounds of the elephants, forming one hypnotic symphony vibrating the stones so subtly, as they feel the pull of the planet. Something new is coming down, a presence, a light. The stones then morphed and combined, crystallizing into pure gold.

Editing stage: 


I must say I love your metaphors, they were richly done. Even when doubts arose about how to connect the last two sentences, I didn't mind because it gave me more to think about.


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

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