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A letter to weird elf

[for insurance]
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dear Jess,

due to see often, a fish wet in tears of sycamore water-lymphatic lachrymose
that his uncle died , or his aunt passed away,
why wail not for their kin, like us? -coriander swift
or build water way from passersby , that they are too, poor creatures
why don't they for a start, learn of aromatherapy
therapeutic properties of essential oils,
but yet of death, needs specific healing.
In the malls of a fish, there they can buy properties
a whole host of psycho logic complains,
and can be redeemed of respiratory stress; by massage
from aromatic plants to cure a physical, or mental condition
disturbances of the mind , and imbalances
for the tense of overworked muscles , lift our spirits
unto horizons not so sure near perfection
steam inhalations and vaporizers
gargles scented with oils of cotton soaked lotions
-There are a two things, sandalwood ,eucalyptus leaf
so he called upon Calpeper, but he too was helpless
as an ancient Egyptian , who used fragrant oils
such as frankincense and myrrh in the embalming process
four thousand years old papyrus manuscripts recorded
how the Egyptians used aromatic oils for religious
and medicinal purposes; the fact that the fishes, tire
to investigate this luxury, shames the wit of
Hippocrates , regarded as the "father of medicine".
A french army surgeon Dr Jean Valnet
furthered research by using oil to treat soldiers
wounded in battle, later he used the oils with
great success on patients in a psychiatric hospital,
Valnet published " Aromatherapie" in 1964
which is widely regarded as the bible of aromatherapy
and it was Gattetose who coined the term " aromatherapie"
still , amongst this, the humans die of a short history,
like Lavandula Augustifolia sapped of flagrant purple
floras such as' germanium , chamomile, bergamot
clove, marjoram, patchouli , and the tree tea.

life enters the body by inhalations and absorptions
the system; through the pores of skin
signals are sent to the lymbic system of the brain,
but masks are what we wear and call it a face.
minor cuts we suffer , burns and bruises ,
dermatitis , hemorrhoids, cystitis and insomnia,
are taking homeopathic remedies, when treating babies
or very young children, ylang ylang
grape-seed , sweet almond, sunflower oil
life which you believe compliment each other;
citrus , floral or spicy, but different from
the molecular structure is a plant called "ROSEMARY''
this one though needs no pollination, it is self fertile
sometimes it is known that angels even speak to it
and say " blessed art thou among flowers"
Effleurage fan your hands out, to each side
and stroke lightly down each side, repeat
varying the length of each stroke, one wonder;
they still perish.Or kneading pointing away from you
pressed between your thumb , pick up the flesh
and fingers, press it toward the resting hand
your arms will cross as you make the circle.

so just leave one hand over the other to continue
finish with gentle soothing strokes and end
the massage by holding your partners feet, for a few seconds
holding the feet helps to ground the person
being massaged and brings them back to reality?
having lost inhaling prowess, cover your head with a towel
and breathe deeply for a few minutes,
you can also use this method as a facial fauna ,
this is heated by a light bulb, but most
are ceramic pots warmed by a small candle lowered,
a radiator, the air, clears germs , and decay
death good for emotional and breathing problems
death is more complex but safer than pharmaceutical drugs
but slower acting,so they are both used;
meaning- they do what the dead body requires of them at the time,
Yet how the souls are extracted deteriorates rapidly,
as being anti-inflammation , pain relieving or anti depressant adaptogenic,
as a preventive or as a complimentary form of treatment.
Do write back to me dear father, i don't understand this things.

yours sincerely,
sinisterly from your son, Emeka weird elf

Last few words: 
just a letter from a son to his father
Editing stage: 


it can make sense and no f888 sencse all in one..

thing is with brilliant people
a lot makes sense

no reply....on this

africa is not far from oz
only two thousand dollars
and they fly
spiritual brothers
getting herbs
bone dust
star crystals
soul catcher woven nets
all that passes through
no need to scan or body


where am i..leaning back on
a chair..can see the sheep tank
...the foster outlet..........
the red road\
wind chimes..
..strange thought
do they got wolves even on

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