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Letter to St. Nick

Dear Santa,

I don't know if you make stops in the afterlife,
but if you do, please
give our love to our mother

We all know you're magical
Chimneys, flying reindeer
and all of that
so anything is possible

You don't have to wrap it
or put a bow on it
or anything like that
She already knows what it is

Steven, Michael, Jeffery, & David Too

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beautiful! I know that many people say that beautiful is an overused word, but I can't think of any other word to use! This is a classic. I wouldn't change a thing and it is short and sweet and to the point. This is a Norman Rockwell painting in words! My heartfelt kudos to you. ~ Geezer.

Comments and critique are vital to this site!
Even if you just say: I liked this story or your spelling
of a word is wrong, take the time to write a line or two
and comment. Your fellow poets will thank you!

Thank you Geezer! Very kind words indeed, and glad this piece touched you as it did - Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Michael Anthony

author comment

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as always Teddy 15. Merry Christmas to you!

Michael Anthony

author comment

MY HEARTTTtttTTTTTTTTtt <3 <3 <3 <3

Wow, this is amazing!

"The true alchemists do not turn lead into gold; they turn the world into words." -William H. Gass

Merry Christmas, and thank you Asche!

Michael Anthony

author comment

Very touching. I have often wondered wether or not poetry survives into the afterlife. Seems like it should...

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That's where a lot of it comes from.
A sweet poem it is..

If you take the time to read a poem then take the time to let the author know you were there. Study it and form an opinion as well, even if it means going back to it more than once. That is basic critique, what Neopoet is all about.

Grief has driven so much art and beauty, but I'd be okay with some writer's block in this area of inspiration = ). Thanks for your thoughts Mark!


Michael Anthony

author comment
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