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Dear daughter, I might not be present
to hand you this present in person.
Before you get this I must have been gone
To wherever the demon that
invented your name in my head please.

'Gold', it is a beautiful name you got
Adore it,
Let your Lustre touch the ends of the earth.
Be an example to the ones whose gazes pierce your back.
Remember that when the mother goat
breaks into the yam store her kid watches her.

I might still be here when you read this,
But whether I be here or there,
Or I be far or near,
Do not forget these words.
Print a copy and hang it on the wall of your heart
It is all my love rolled into one ball
And given to you as a present.

Only a foolish man is certain of tomorrow,
the wise one only predict it.
Life is to man like a chaff in the air,
it billows in the wind,
We are like corks in the sea that travel with the waves
And it tosses like the vessels wither and thither.

But do not follow the wind, for it misleads,
Do not follow the waves because it casts ashore
Follow Peace and Love,
Follow Peace and Love alone.
Love who you can, hate what you should,
But if possible, be at peace with all men.

Give your bounty to humanity,
Do not adorn your neck with diamonds and gold
When you have not fed all the hungry children in Africa.
The goal is not to amass unlimited wealth,
The destiny of every man is to race fast to death,
That is cocksure, nothing else is more certain.

Gold, always remember that
An impatient man is not a palm tree farmer.
There are no shortcuts to the top of the palm tree.
Only a man who can persevere waits knowing
It grows money from roots to the leafs.
Be patient my child like the hen upon her eggs,
Do not let sweet food bitter your intestines,
Sugar and sugar alone is the mother of toothache.

Gold, destiny is like building a bridge
It starts with laying down a stone and then another
And little by little it becomes so strong
That it carries the whole country across.
It is the continuity of droplets
that finally fills the water pot to the brim
No man ever taps palm wine in an hour.

Be wise my daughter,
For knowledge without wisdom
is like water in the sand.
Harken to advise, but be learned enough
To discern which advise to discard,
You are your father's daughter.

Do not forget that,
Supposing doesn’t fill the grain basket,
‘if’ doesn’t fill the larder,
Procrastination bear crippled children
at a time the king demands a dance.
Be strong like the elephant,
but be wise like the ant
that gather their food in the dry season
knowing the rain will come.

Pay attention daughter,
I see with a different lense,
Always pay attention to what is said
not he who speaks.
Verily I tell you that If you educate a man
you educate one individual,
but if you educate a woman
you educate a family.

Remind your mother often how much I love her
The way she reminds you of me,
And if everything you ever knew was a lie
Then my love for you is the only truth
And this you must preserve,
To teach to your children and their children children.
I wish I had not the heart to love
I won't be caught between learning
to be a good husband or a better father,
I am split within myself
Knowing not which to place above the other
As both are equally precious.

But if you choose to love,
Love like your mother.
Her love is like the vegetables on stakes,
It grows beyond bounds.
It rejects no culture it favors no tradition.
It defeats the sentiments of beliefs
And the temperament of unbelief.

Cry like her when you are broken,
And apologize like your father when you offend.
Remember that the weakest man
is he that never shed a tear,
And the tallest man is he on the knees,
when they are pricked by conscience.

On this track you run there will be hurdles,
There will be portholes,
And there will be glass chips to prick your foot.
You shall be thirsty and weary and weak,
Love shall depart, disappointments will raise heads
False accusations shall be made,
Unfair judgements shall be met
Fingers shall be pointed, failures shall arrive,
But all these things are meant to test you.

Gold, you are an elephant,
The elephant does not limp when walking on thorns.
Remember that no tattoo is made without blood,
You must learn to pluck blessings
from the petal of your curses.
Having in mind that those who are born
on top of the anthill take a short time to grow tall.

Love dear daughter, for lonely is one.
Dance to the rhythm of your heart beat
Whether he is tall or short.
Remember that,
True beauty is defined by good character.

A little of everything is the necessary ingredient of life.
Be sophisticated, but do not be too carnal.
Adore virginity if it gives you pride,
Still remember there is no medal
given as a price for chastity.

Pray if it gives you peace,
But learn to love those who do not pray.
Always remember that
All the monkeys cannot hang on the same branch.
Every man to his peace of mind
Whatever gives them comfort
Do not try to bend a full grown up tree
into a walking stick,
Even if they are your children.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Is the internal logic consistent?
Last few words: 
A lyrical poem in the form of an epistle. The language structure is proverbial. African proverbs and should be read between lines. Could be a good present from Father to daughter.
Editing stage: 


The awakening of your child will be there in your eternal memories,
this is a lovely piece of writing.
Take care and stay a while there is much to do,
Yours always, Ian

Words can build a nation

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