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Cups, saucers, plates
old and new
forks, knives and spoons
worn and used
pictures of family and friends
objects of art and paintings
reflections of my senses
where do they go when
all things end.
Will they find a place
in someone else's space
or will they be flea market fare.
They were all a part of me
Will anyone see
I am in everything I touched
chose, used, loved.
Who will know and care,

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Really like your poem, Geremia.

Really like your poem, Geremia.

Thanks, Tim Well appreciated.


author comment

We are in everything around us holding the memories of what we are or what we once were, loved this one its thought provoking

Beautifully crafted

Love always your Jayne xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

We all leave something indelible behind and affect this world in one way or another by the shear fact that we are here. And we all are heroes for surviving our humanity.

Christum tecum, my Jsyne

author comment

You talk of material things, they will change to dust, yet each of your thoughts will ring as a tuning fork throughout the universal realms.
The better you are the clearer the note, all will hear your sound as you thought in those days gone by,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

These all represent the life we leave behind.. They are important "gifts" of Human life,


author comment

I wonder if Romulus and Remus remember the toys they played with when children, or do you think they would remember the love of even the wolf that brought them up.
Material things are here to hold you up, yet it is your interpretation of life that will go out to join the other thoughts in that vast small space some call heaven.
Love you young Joe, never fear of the future, just make sure your present is beyond reproach, Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I an closer to that ""journey"" than I would like to be, dear friend,


author comment

I had a cigarette case lucite with copper like sides
SS FRANCE before the Normandy conversion
i smoked black cat cigarettes unfiltered in high
school until someone stole it....

lost means roadside find of which i find much of
the treasure hunter in me and sharp eye for such

of those i knew
who left their valued loved "gifts" I have a few left

i love Value Village..Sally Ann
and HockShops..
my phone was my step daughters
she gave it to me to keep in touch
and i went out and lost it almost
on the trail....

got a scratch from her locker
edge....shared that story with me
and wear from her little purse
on the outings boarding and hanging
out with friends and her young man

in a month ive got a scratch on the screen
from work...

i like items for the stories they tell and their
value...sentimental and practical straight up
purpose......if people know you as family and
friends siblings and children they will hold
dear these items or convert them to cash..

the old wealth cultures would gather things up
in tombs or burial chambers

im thinking talismans.....
essence and spirit
connection to dreams
and memories

if it was valued
then it will be valued

one of my friends has a parker
pen from nine years when he
retired as a gift
i lose these every other week
but if i pass on my parker will
mean something to someone
because i like good things
even if im poor i will pay seven
whole dollars for a brand new
parker pen

an old boy scout compass from
the original old yard seller man
and his wife

they will say.."he was always getting
lost and he would never follow that
needle anyway" ha ha
its true...!

my very intelligent step daughter
(like my real daughter i have)
gave me her old LG smartphone
and on it she left her music
(deleted personal photos and
contacts so i can put in my own
photos and contact numbers)
i told her im listening to her music

i remember her trying to get me to
listen to this stuff four years ago
and now that she is working part
time and away with her boyfriend
much, this music is like getting
to know her..what she valued
found lyrics which meant a lot
to her..

i tell her that in short paragraphs
i had one of dads old grey cardigans
a cup from the psych hospital
that means a lot to me
like the phone
and my ring from my present
love interest

stories stay with us
but an actual object
is a connection to value

like genes

I like this poem because this was
exactly what i was thinking about today

thank you friend!

Old and used things lose their power and no longer bring back the dead.

Thanks, Steve, Joe

author comment

i find that i have a profound respect for things...
after a long haul of handling items given to me
by the living....i no longer work as open in this

power perhaps
yes....power over us..i agree..
for me many of the dead are rested...
but i will never be unhaunted

and for what value of what worths i have
am or was.........its something im considering
these days...

thank you

The value is the love and memory they elicit. The demi-tasse cups my grandmother used reminds me of evening suppers, holidays, and company. Always served with anisette toast---Proust's '"'madeleine.''


author comment

always warm the pot and cups....must look up Proust! earl grey
still a fave and green for the everyday afternoon..

thank you!

Living alone in Florida who will know
the intrinsic worth
of what you have or owned
gift them all to the neighbors
a museum maybe
or to an elderly home
who may be more needy...
alas of what use else
except your poetry
bequeath it all to me
for sake of posterity,
we shall our publication print
the links of bondage will not sink,
they will be left in indelible ink
but leave requisite amount
for the final print
I ain't any mint!


Things are just things, and we eventually need to let go. But things tell a story of the deeper sense of who we are, because we chose them for a reason,.or they elicit a special family memory. One man's junk is another man's treasure Recently, my sister came to visit from NY. She took our grandmother's dishes that I had been holding for her when she moved back to NY from Florida several years ago. .They have special meaning to us, but will mean very little t her children. My difficulty with living among Americans, is their total lack of understanding of the Italian sentiment of ""maliconia"", longing for what the years have taken away. My mother was Neapolitan and Neapolitans were masters of songs of ""malicnonia::, longing to see Naples again, their mothers, sisters,, brothers, Once Italian immigrants came to this country, for most, all they left behind was lost to them. I was alone with my mother when she died. And she called for her mother,

author comment

Open this link and you will hear the ""malinonia"" of which I speak

Translation of "Mamma" by Andrea Bocelli from ... - Lyrics Translate › English › Andrea Bocelli › Mamma‎

Apr 21, 2012 - Mother from Andrea Bocelli lyrics Italian to English translationhich I speak.

author comment

I too have a special dinner set it was my grandmothers I have it packed away for safekeeping I would die if anything happened to it I always thought my sister or one of my cousins would get the set but for some reason my Nana knew they were meant for me, I remember as a little girl I would look at the beautiful pictures on each set they are sets in sets telling different stories but that is another story lol ..
In saying this I know what you mean one mans trash is another's treasure ... I had an old sugar caddy it was beautiful, silver, and part of a set that was broken up between family members, many years ago I was robbed and the sugar caddy went, I have always looked for another one like it in antique stores etc. but I have never seen another one like it, when I lost it a felt bereft it was only a thing but for me it held a great emotional connection to my Nana ... I truly believe we leave something of ourselves in the things we hold precious... people are the most precious but the things are our connection to those fond memories

with love your Jayne xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

You understand, then,

author comment


("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

Cups saucers paintings and photographs, all hold good and bad memories. But thankfully we seem to remember good times most. Me i don' t put to much store on possesions, life is what i believe in. I would give away the world for a infants smile or the first time a young pup barks or trips up. But i do understand that certain items invoke powerful emotions, and like this poem very much. Regards Roscoe..

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

Yes, my friend. Most things left behind evoke a happy time, and we need thst when the present comes crashing down,


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