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last post

Last Post

Well sad
this happens to be
your last post
no money I believe
yet what is money
but the sweat of the brow
it comes and just goes
simply wipe it out

I compose for the love of humanity
so many still come to my gate
as I have shed my vanity
we all must entertain the masses I feel
if we have the torch and seal of lover’s beauty

compose free lance free style poetry
then see like a butter fly one day
you also will fly
burn in the flame of joy
but be bold do life enjoy

don't hurt even unknowingly
some one
just to ease
your own wild imagination
even unknowingly

love one love all
let this last post
be not for you alone
but for all

yet ‘tis not my last call

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I reckon you are far from being ready to make your last post. But that time will come to all here. BTW I think butterfly is one word. How's that for nitpicking? lol

let the typo remain
let me see how many really do read

thanks to ye
as you know only butterfly flies

butter is flown/thrown
at passers by

author comment

there are butterflies, fruit flies, blue bottle flies, blow flies...all kinds of flie but the only kind we can't swat and cause to stop is time flies lol

time flies
but we can't swat it
yes but
we can bottle it up in our memories
urrrrrr stan rrrrrr adept
at it westernly

by the way
some thng I perhaps don't know
if it does still flow
hahahaaa lol

author comment

We go with the wind
as it blows
far into the wilderness
everyone knows
the wind continues to onwards go
lest it be a whirl wind
then up you go
all know back into the ocean
rest depends on the sun’s desire
earthly creation
the winds only blow...
just follow you also know

author comment
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