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The Last Communique Of The Ultra-Apathetic Party

the world is in chaos

tribal wars
civil wars

these lines could have been written
on any day since man invented writing

a played out aspect
of the human condition
touching most lives
lighter than a free falling feather

any wonder so many tune out

you may call this denial
but, no, we are not denying
just ignoring
(now don't go on blathering about the connection
between ignor and ignorance,
or we'll never get out of here!)

we advise all those who dwell on these matters
to remove themselves to a sunny, secluded spot
squat on the grass
and enjoy the mighty duration

think about lovely things
sing happy songs
make love
if only to your own lonesome self

it is your choice

it is ours
and we have made our peace

...official eleventh hour handbaskets
may be purchased on your way out

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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A title like this can hardly be ignored but I expect you don't care one way or another lol. The poem also did well addressing how so many people have become caught up in the news of the day. Very enjoyable even though a free verse lmao.............stan

A bit of tongue in cheek (though not much,really). These are my natural tendencies, whether foolish or not!

Even calling this piece free verse may be pushing it. At best, a hybrid of prose and something other. I'm not sure what
but this is how it came out. I'm ok with that. Hope the purists, if there are any, give me a pass for posting it.

Glad you found it enjoyable



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