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Last bus home.

When yer o rings split
and yer gaskets blown,
the wife's done a flit
and yer on yer own.

when yer fan belts slipping
the sump guards dripping
and that twat behind
just won't stop pipping.

When the hill yer on
goes on and on
and the coasting days have
long since gone.

Then!! alight the
charabanc of verse
afore yer pistons seize--

and yer in the hearse !!


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Errrrrm, best ignore this one...(snigger)
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tounge in cheek, was it?

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Yup, missed the mark eh?

author comment

little tongue-in-cheek!
One 'O' those days eh? ~ Geez.

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author comment

I 'm home as

ok.... saves walking LL !

author comment

Hello, Obi,
Really like this clever approach to such relatable subject matter! So much to enjoy here, but the "charabanc of verse" is ingenious!
Thank you!

Thanks for that, Lav. its appreciated.

(just for the record, all my valves, gaskets. o rings, and sump guard, are serviceable and fully functional)


author comment
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