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The Land of Chuzzle Woo

In the far North West, where pink vultures nest,
Lies the land of Chuzzle Woo.
There the mountain range might appear quite strange,
For the highest is four foot two

I've heard hippos cry as they try to fly,
Flapping legs like Twitchy Sue,
But its best all round they stay on the ground -
Imagine droppings of hippo poo!

In east Chuzzle Woo is a town called !! BOO !!
Which might give you quite a fright,
If you walk by there, dress up like a bear,
Frighten !! BOO !!, well, serves it right.

The best place to be, if you're only three,
Is the river of Sooky Yoo.
There the Sting Stone Stoats swim beside the boats,
Check you out, see what you do.

When the Stoat swims off, with a wheezy cough
He reports to the Great Kazoo
Because he's a stoat, couldn't talk, just wrote
"All the children want to see YOU."

But the Great Kazoo hadn't much he could do,
Except standing on his head.
At the jungle's edge, he fell off a ledge
Landed right in a crocodile's bed.

So, if you feel that these tales are real
Then come to Chuzzle Woo.
We can take a trip on a pirate ship,
Sailing down the Sooky Yoo

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
metre bounces around a bit but can be fixed, suggestions welcomed Ian
Editing stage: 


mmm, lets see what the others in this workshop say.

Oh, too late, the workshop is finished.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

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