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Politicians never lie,
they just say what you
want to believe.

I don't want to believe my
eyes or ears. The world is being covered
with dirty water spilling from polluted mouths.
The sky is falling with intention to rob the intellect
and separate the body from its common sense. My
heart walks alone but

walking while black is serious business
in Florida.
They fixed what ain't broken, you know,
and tombstones
loom large on the horizon. Hit men in the making and

not a superman amoung us to
die from kryptonite poisoning.

Last few words: (It's been my long-standing opinion that gun lobbyists and gun manufacturers are not the only ones making a killing by recreating a wild wild West.)
Editing stage: 


Like trying to stop a falling boulder.
Best to get out of the way and let it pass.
One day it will come to rest
No one know's where,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Ant time a young man dies for no good reason is a tragedy. I don't guess anyone will ever know the real truth in what led to this death but what evidence there is seems to show that Travon was as guilty of bad judgement as his killer was. Travon had every right to be doing what he was doing. But his killer also had every right to follow a person if he so chose. So here we had two people doing what they had every right to do. And it all went to hell in a hand basket because of bad judgement on both sides. sympaties go out to both families and my ire goes out to those who are now attacking innocents in the name of the victim.............stan PS very emotive poem

Scribbler did you LISTEN to the daily show I posted and hear the IRONY in what Zimmerman's brother said?

Now, how about reading this

Whose right, whose ground? Exactly.

I'd say the one with the gun had the upper hand so to speak, and the one who died should have feared for his life, indeed.


p.s. If you or I were walking down that street, would Zimmerman have been following us? That's called racial profiling.

author comment

I don't depend on a comedy show for my news. According to all the evidence presented at the trial, Zimmerman showed no racist tendencies. It is my belief he would have followed any stranger on that night regardless of color. And all testimony pointed to Travon being the one who first turned violent. And if I were attacked I would defend myself. This is not to say there weren't bad decisions made by both sides. Nor is it to say that Martin being killed was not a tragedy. But it was a personal tragedy not based on race. Indeed, Martin is the only one, according to testimony, who hurled any racial slurs.

If Zimmerman had it in his mind to kill that night why did he wait until after his nose was broken and his head was pounded against the ground before shooting? There are things which happen in this world that are more the result of miscalculation than racial hatred. Zimmerman made a mistake in not backing off when 911 operator told him to. Martin made the mistake of losing his temper and attacking someone whom he presumed was not armed. Perhaps Zimmerman should have drawn his gun and let Martin know he was armed. Too many maybe's. too many mistakes. ....BTW for some reason my old computer will not relay anything audio so I don't listen to anything on it. And what do you think about the 3-4 white people who were attacted by multiple black men after the verdixct who kept shouting "this is for travon!" ? Attacted by folks who admitted during the attacks that the violence was wholely motivated by race. ............stan.

I rely on comedy for making the ridiculous sublime. That's why we enjoy it, Scribbler, n'est ce pas?

I don't condone violence nor laws that set up people to fail.

That goes for what is happening in our world today in all sorts of arenas, all over the world where we take our particular brand of Capitalism-at-all-and-any-cost.

Nice talking with you.

See you around the bend. But please don't follow me. I might think you're *stalking* me.


author comment

You are correct that we all need a laugh from time to time if for no other reason than to keep from crying. Nor do I condone violence but I Do think self defense is acceptable whether laws call for it or not. I hope you are doing well . Take care up yonder..........stan

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