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Kissing the Blarney Stone

A trip to Ireland’s lush, green isle
I thought I would not want to miss;
I had to see that jolly place,
The Blarney stone I had to kiss;

With Guinness beer well fortified,
I slid beneath that fabled stone
And kissed it hard and kissed it long,
Then found, I was not quite alone;

I saw that little Leprechaun
Who sang an Irish song to me
About the lucky Shamrock leaves
And fairies by the Eldon tree.

Although it’s really been my goal
To kiss the stone and then depart
With lovely words of eloquence—
The gift of gab from tongue and heart.

But--then, behind the castle’s wall,
That little green man showed himself
And beckoned me with devious grin
To play a game twixt man and elf.

I told him that would suit me fine,
But first I had to ask my wife
Which he considered for a bit
While warbling tunes on his wee fife,

Then said, “Oh, never mind, me lad,
Those women folks would spoil your fun,
The very best you ever had;
Now let me show you how it’s done.”

He wasted no more words, but laughed,
And then proceeded with his prank;
He bopped me one ‘longside the head,
Then sat me on an oaken plank

And spun me high up in the air—
That board soared like an aircraft's wing,
All this is true, to that I swear;
And here is this one other thing:

The wife flew home, BA, first class,
I soared behind her on my board;
And as she drove back to our house,
I hovered like an angel of the Lord.

This story I told to my friends;
They thought it weird and even sad,
Said, I was full of blarney or—
Of all that beer I’d drunk instead.

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Structured: Western
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Dear Jerry, this a wonderfully written poem. What fun to kiss the Blarney Stone, drinking Guinness and flying home on the board! I believe all you say...LOL.
As always, your title, content, narrative style and all else are perfect. No nits at all. How did Lynda react? Haha...
Enjoyed, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

You are so sweet for putting up with my blarney, lol, but I brought enough of it home with me to share with you, and our local power company, in case they want to switch over to B. S. for fuel. Yes, I picked up the gift of gab during our visit to Ireland. And Lynda thinks I'm sooooo full of it, lol. Thank you, dear lassie. Jerry

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My goodness you do get into some pickles Sir LOL what a tale of fun and frolocks I would have kissed the Leprechaun and then I would have had the gold. I'll have a Guinness with you Sir cheers, another wonderful tale from Jerry's closet of goodies. Love it. I've been many time to Ireland it's a fun place.

Thank you...Teddy

I forgot about the gold! But I probably would have given him a ducat or two for not having to kiss him. Is there a Missus Leprechaun by chance? Yeah, we have an Irish pub nearby, and I blend right in at Patrick's. How's your party progressing? Any brawls yet? Shucks! that is no fun, lol. Be good, lass; have a pint on me, deary. Thanks, love. Now I think I'll have me a Guinness. cheers! I have a full case!

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No brawls, I'm not that cool lol

Thank you...Teddy

you are putting me on! You have got to be the life of the party; what are you doing to-nite after midnight? Want to go frog-hunting with me, huh? Great fun. I'll protect you from the boys--if you should get naughty and decide to model your fabled birthday suit, lol. Joking, my dear. I know you are a good girl. Bye, dear.

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