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Kiss Of Life

My spouse doesn't kiss me
Will I die five years earlier?
And from what date please
Tell me I want to go sooner
If you can send me
To that land
Where only kissers stand
Holding hand in hand,
Do tell me of another one,
Who will perhaps?
With me like to run
And have fun
For all I know is kissing you,
I mean one,
That adds to spice of living
And that I know is kissing,
So as to keep in frame
And make no excuses lame
And live till the moment I have to
So I kiss myself
In the mirror
Will that do
Ah yes twould do
As it helps me too
Not to die before
I kiss my life for you.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 



Are the seeds to poetry?
From the mind of a poet
That’s why poets,
Most of them had sex
Before they composed,
That also goes for any artist,
How so ever fantastic,
The love ensues
And then the mind pursues,
The ecstasy or love or its deficiency too
A poet alone can tell you
How the kiss of life
Can prolong,
If not life,
But memories like the actors of Titanic
God bless their souls will he


author comment

i am not aware if Kisses prolong life span...certainly they make life whatever form they fact when one starts thinking about it one is awed by what two lips can do to express feelings and moods depending upon WHERE...WHEN..HOW..WHY...depending also by their VARIETYand INTENSITY...LENGTH...DEPTH..TEMPERATURE....MOISTURE..POSTURE...TIME..OCCASSION...FORMS ...
EFFECTS ....mind bogling isnt it?...perhaps one can write a whole series of poems on those wide range of elemnets of kisses....perhaps you would be inspired to write that kind of a series...

raj (sublime_ocean)

take ur cue
and write a poems few
of kissing uuuuuuuuuuu
rather the way
u say tooooooooooo


author comment
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