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Kids we love

Always like kids we love to live
they are a golden streak in our lives
when wives are busy doing elsewhere
kids alone come to our rescue
they love uncles and aunts
mischievous ones like me and you

Soft flowers in a garden lawn
we all adore
we love to sing a song
they are our emeralds for life
till kids become a bit older
they bid us good bye
a tear comes in our eye

True at 18 all kids go away
now have different arenas
in which to engage and play
different livelier partners any way

Ah! as we become decrepit and old
still to those grown up ones
we always remain sold

As grown up ones they still appear to us
as olden days flowers of yellow marigold

Tulips now they are in anothers' fold
and as you say okay hold

but for us kids they are never old
at any age they remain kids
for us even when our bodies
are about to get down six feet cold

Our love remains for kids untold

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Loving the kids, I am fortunate enough to have a bunch of grand nephews and nieces that are all under the eighteen age. Same for the grandchildren. Our family still has numerous get-togethers where all the adults engage in some play and some of it with the youngest ones. They are indeed, the treasure of our lives. I am curious as to why, you make forced rhymes and ignore the ones that are right there in front of you. Like [ fold-hold] being forced and the natural [lives and wives.] But it is your work... As I said; I do like the theme. ~ Gee.

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I compose poems
at the drop of a hat
whatever words then come to my mind
I enter
later on advice of guys like ye
I ponder

forced was it
then I surrender
and modify to please
one two or three
not unlike Lovedly
I adopt suggestions freely.

Thanks Gee
now I know
you all read me

author comment

This one
then please redo
enter fresh comments
that should do
coming from you

author comment
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