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cirrus flavours
a neon show

beyond the orange dust
taste of dusk

I came to you

the river of wire
the summiits of poles
blanched in their
thoughtful order
shivered in the yellow

the pretty Dodge coupe
sleek as a river
with rust

take away anger with
a blossoms graze
coloured scarf binding
the burn a torn rib
a ragged filling lung

drenched fingers in prayer
velvet light green
253 radio tuned to
twelve point three

a lonesome blues riff Jack Dupree
wound from the rear speakers
and was lost in the heat of the
dry air

the desert light shimmering
whimpered prayers
to St Augustine
:watch o lord with those who wake
or watch or weep tonight
and give your angels and saints
charge over those who sleep..:

the heavy black rim yaws slow
across the bitter blue highway
green eyes tear stained

Duprees "Junker Blues" in
swift sure hands
and the highway tires roll
quick across the wide shoulder
and into the darklands of
reckless wander

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Never heard Jack Dupree, but you make him sound so inviting. Love the feel of this poem sort of drifting in the wind, softly blown wherever it ends. Regards Roscoe..

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

U Tube will scroll up a list of his works or Wiki
a pianist! "Junker Blues" one of my favourites
of his....I listen to classical often as with opera
and love the Clash...Hank Williams..Yo Yo Ma
etc...for me music is what it makes you feel not
the genre....Like poetry....

Thank You

author comment

oh! you are good at what you do! mesmerizing.

this tale, like the final scene of a great movie...."into the darklands of reckless wander"....fade to black
and I am left sitting in the dark, spellbound, still caught up in the deep, bluesy tone; an unpitying tune of a life on the rocks.
in a state of stun ....I have to be usherd out



popular american mytho
guns and girls
cars and deserts

The power of narrative compulsion go
a long way back with me and american

she is driving the lead now taken over
from the hustler grifter caught in the
bad deal and dead
and she wounded and dying behind
the wheel

I was in love with books long ago
how they they opened
the magic of their dance
the spell entranced

my ode to the craft of the cinema
and tragic heros and heroinnes

Thank You!

author comment
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