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Just poetry only

Your poetry is like sugar
in autumn trees
okay leaves
no need to crush them
for the sweet fragrance
is passing extinction

you are a poet of class indeed
in the list of best many poems
when will we achieve or attain
such a moment
of holding hands
in the Garden of Roses
where I hope to be, one
sought after by everyone

a blue bird of narcissism
an egoist poet
off the cuff in the desert

none yet knew
but my what a poet are you
but why only few poems
I have inked many
a thousand
many read
a non poet like me

You are an eagle flying
okay (soaring)
come abide with me
I am a poet of style free
one day any one could be
I may
one day be

till that happens
can we meet
across the Internet
at the very least

You are a POET TREE
I'd like to bask
in the shadow of thee
will you let me
O poet gracious
how much indebted
I shall be
to all those hereafter
read me

You would I suppose...
Lovedly me

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


A beautiful poem depicting heartfelt yearnings. I enjoyed reading and thanks for sharing Lovedly .

A beautiful poem depicting heartfelt yearnings. I enjoyed reading it and thanks for sharing Lovedly .

shall read you this week
rather busy

author comment

It's my pleasure Lovedly. All the best. Okay?

I love this. Read it 5 times already. One of my favorites of yours. Seems so effortless.

I must say
Aye Aye Sir

even though I know
you r not a Naval Captain
so what you are Poetrick Captain
coming to this port
after a long rapport
LOST at sea
was some one with thee

author comment
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