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just for a final laugh!


I need to ask, and there is no shame in the answer,
do you suffer from some form of............. dyslexia?

wonderful how did you know ??????
we all suffer from something
as no one is perfect
as perfection lies in soles
boot soles
of a miniscule few
I for one Jess
still and will admire you
for what ever you
to save my skin
wish and want me to do

You are really wonderful
dear Jess!

In the morning of life
comes a tomorrow
for some it brings joys
for a few sorrows

what will tomorrow be for me
who can but Jess tell me

I love the moment today
dyslexia or not
life has its own way
we all come on the stage to play
and as we enact
on the stage
out we go away

some are pulled
some pushed away
who will but Jess tell

How loved will pass out
that pathway!!!

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


sarcasm...something of a vengeful spirit
and crafty coy offerings
knew many with this
pleasant folk out mending
their nets
catching what they need with
effort in their cast
their work
reaping what they sow.

i had it long ago and had to work
hard to overcome my anger
at the frustration to not be able
to read and speak what i needed
to say...

i had thought it an intimacy issue
but if you are not afraid to tell someone
a lie and get up close
then you already are close enough
to see the truth

a great poem loved...

thank you!

Sir Esker

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