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Pixie dust sprung from Jimi's eyes 
   as he rolled in microdot dreams, 
            purple phased out blades of grass 
                 waved - then heaven screamed , 
                      We watched smart pebbles line the beach 
                          marching to a psychedelic Sousa band
                       we know must be playing somewhere,--
               discarded notes were strewn in the sand.
          The pea stones kept amazing time 
      clicking piezoelectric sound
   counting out the midnight sun
 as darkness shone around.
    So who has seen the sun at midnight?
        shining darkly, shadow rays, 
             playing hooky with the pixies
                   as the rest just stood n gazed,
              The thief he stole our conscience our ego 
          and our self, left us singin Dylan songs
      whose lyrics were his wealth!
The joker saw the sun go down,
    a shimmering silhouette, whilst
         the thief atop his watchtower
                 lit a final cigarette
                    He has seen the sun at midnight
                shining darkly,, shadow rays, 
          dancing  through the dark delights
of a ruptured world sunset.

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Not quite as intended but heigh ho.
Big thumbs up for "Jess n Esker" !!!!!!!!

author comment

The first album I bought for myself was Axis: Bold as Love back when I was like 12 years old. Love this poem Obi.

Playing hooky with the pixies :-)

Hiya Owly. "Axis: Bold as Love",,,,, Reading your poetry I took you to be a young-ish chap with a spring in his arse and a lengthy stride!,,,,,, well done for staying so young.

thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


author comment

Well I graduated High School in 1986. Came of age during the grand commercialization of music. Was tragic to witness. I was such a brutal armchair critic...

I have many scars so I guess staying young is my way to

hiya, mark. I'm with you on the bluesy stuff, it was much more preferable than the trippy wibbly wobbly stuff.

Thank you, Sir. for stopping by!


author comment

I beg to differ gentlemen. All of his compositions are worthy. I love the trippy acid stuff (As I said, Axis: Bold as Love is a favourite). Still, I so wish he had a chance to create more music with the Band of Gypsies. Buddy Miles was brilliant, but so was Mitch Mitchell. Hendrix chose Noel Redding cause he could hold time and had groovy hair.

Closest I got to experiencing his spirit live was when I saw Stevie Ray Vaughn and he played Little Wing...

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