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awash in muddled isms
slung about
like turd tossing monkeys

a stench

saturating the senses
smearing reflection
polluting all elixirs of hope
into potions of despair

who is immaculate enough to be immune
who is slippery enough to come out clean

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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yeah! It's been awhile

thanks for the uplifting support on a downer subject
I'm glad it resonated with you.
I am sure we are not alone in this messy matter



author comment

hostility towards all of our "educated" ism boxes. "journalism" "elitism" and the like. this is really in your face. funny. you express yourself well.

...and now even humorists become "isms" when then are infected by other "isms"
a sad state of affairs, but I fear we are all infected to some degree.

except ME of course, (and maybe you), HA Ha ha
thanks for the compliment on expression...not always true, but appreciated immensely

later Greg,


author comment

posted my "ism" poem. ironic that u should say humorist because that's the direction I went. put a note for you on that post. :)

This one was harder to read than the previous poems. But I read it twice and it helped. The best part is the ending, it is rewarding.


I don't really have a definitive style to speak of
I do write in the manner you have experienced most of the time (I think?)
but the "voice" changes when writing rants, and opinions
or when composing in oddly structured forms... some that can hardly be called poetry.
occasionally, I even try to sound like a "poet"... all cryptic and post moderny and twisted!
That never works out too well.

I have no real aspirations for, or about, my writing, so anything that can happen, does.
No publishers pushing in one direction or another is the best thing about being a dilettante.

anything goes


author comment

to me "ism" the suffix to a belief others may choose to subscribe...else it remains like an unread poem in stream here [found not worthy of even criticism]....

raj (sublime_ocean)

"a belief others may choose to subscribe". The "ism" turns it into an ideology, that then is so often used as a cudgel, a weapon,
to beat, denigrate, abuse, intimidate, mock, terrify, or browbeat, anyone who is not a subscriber, especially when the "ism" is centered in today's political and social arenas.

Those are the "isms" I am talking about
I don't care about the silly, or irrelevant ones

thanks for the dialogue


author comment
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