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To Infinity or Beyond, Perhaps...

To Infinity or Beyond, Perhaps..

Infinity’s a word spelled out by man,
never used for the beauty of a child
Most used when we don’t understand,
as in tiny infants, are they infinately wild?

A simple context I’ve used just to start,
I wonder if I’ll find many who’ll follow.
Teals swim on water leaving a pure heart,
for them it means their loves not hollow.

We destroy the child’s instincts at source,
the designer baby must surely follow suit.
They must steer our leaderships course,
or they might grow up not giving a hoot.

Order and surety, the controllers safety net,
is cast widely among our social groups.
We’re coerced to think our instincts are sublet,
even in sport we jump through imaginary hoops.

The games that we play aren't definitive,
so as to mess with our senses even more.
We’re left teetering on the purely subjective,
never reaching what’s for man, a true core.

The infinity of war and destruction is known,
just enough so we don’t completely decimate.
Wealth in the defeated nation must be re-grown,
so the powerful get it all on one large plate.

They cling together like a poisonous algae,
letting lackeys among us do their dirty deeds.
From those lackeys they’ll pick a new prodigy,
to be our leader, thinking only of their needs.

The infinity of a lasting peace is uncharted,
in peace we might think what’s not thought.
That a leader not greedy or hard hearted,
is infinitely better than what we’ve now got.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Will we ever strive for what could be our true role on this planet, or is that beyond us humans. Even those divined in christianity or any other faith are failures, except unto themselves.
Editing stage: 


I declined an earlier comment, because I wasn't sure if I really appreciated the poem when I first read it. But after looking at it again, I think the poem beats about the bush a bit too much. Your Last Few Words gave a much better picture of what the poem was actually about.

While the structure and rhyme is pleasant, I think its a tad too long, and could be much more direct. But I'll come back to this poem to see if my mind changes. Right now, this is just how I see it.


No verse is free for the man who wants to do a good job. - TS Eliot

I have made a few changes i hope have improved, and will give some thought to shortening. Thanks for your insight. Regards Roscoe..

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

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