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Infinity Of Love

Oh, nine spheres of wonder
Your torch so bright
Fondness I’ll remember
With all my might

You’re so far away
Yet always in my dreams
Graceful salvation
Shining down on me

Blessed spirits in the universe
Infinity of love
Always in my heart
Where you’ll remain above

Mortality of nature
Has taken you from me
But I am not somber
As there you’ll always be

Even on nights that I am alone


My Stars in Paradise shine down from beyond.

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of wonder? An astrological sign? This has a natural rhythm that feels good. The last lines are the statement relating directly to the entity you are speaking to and make the whole thing an almost prayer. Nice. ~ Geez.

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I really am impressed I am absolutely not religious in any way however I too had that feeling this had a religious feel. I didn't mean it, but I am delighted anyway. Love really does go on forever today I'm just being soppy. I was thinking of my mother when writing this.

As always it's a pleasure to hear your thoughts.
And yes the 9 sphere's are the planets

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

I must say--well done. It took me a bit to get the feel for your poem, but then it all clicked into place. Those final verses are quite touching. I very much like the premise of your poem.
Yours, Jerry

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i dont mean to write like its a puzzle, i think sometimes i get lost in myself and thats why i post it all here to see what is my strong point sertainly my pizza poem went down a treat, as you have understood this is simply about loved ones in heaven written in my very own special way. lol Thank you for your kind visit today Sir, its most appreciated.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

such exquisite sorrow and love! I'm sure that your mother was very proud of you and her love and goodness lives on in you. I loved the poem, this is how I felt about my dad.

*warm hugs, Cat

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I really appreciate your words, and i'm so happy you found yourself thinking of your own dad. Its hard to write about this type stuff for me so i am truly honoured you are here.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

Brava and a well done
thee was something very ethereal to your poem it brought to mind the end of a moody blues song when he starts to recite (Tuesday afternoon is the song)
small suggestion I don't think you need the word up ( up above) I think just above will work well with the feel of the poem

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Thank you for your kind words and suggestion I agree completely so I have taken up away.

Thank you...Teddy

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