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they found him dead
three, maybe four days
a few nibblings
from his beloved cats

trapped alone
finally called

an open door
for escape
would have been nice
...for the cats
but I'm sure
he didn't begrudge
their indulgence

dead is dead
hunger is hunger
compunction be damned

not his explicit motto
but to all who knew him
that's how it was

they patched him up
for the funeral
practically good as new
plastic noses look quite real

as for the cats...who knows
a dead person is more concerning
than live cats

at that, he would have been appalled

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


our animals relate to us the most
those that can
my father had Fluffy
a calico from a barn
first he loathed it
but after fourteen
years with he and his wife
they were inseperable
after his by pass in his
seventies that he
she would lay on the
little red cushion from the
heart society on his lap
and would nap in the
easy boy together
When he had a stroke
at home
and passed she cried
for weeks and weeks
straight looking for him
they put her down
which was probably the
correct thing to do...
viking myths and all

my uncle billy a drunk
a vibrant funny talented
passed in a room in
no cats
in summer

this poem is awesome
as it sees the reality of
life which expressive
is detailed
and a bit of dark humor
which most appreciate
the lend to the cats
plight for animal people

I enjoyed this very
very much!

thank U! 'em, or hate 'em
not many in between
my three were left by my ex
actually, I wouldn't let her take them
I became so attached.

I suppose this poem could be prescient
I live alone,
old, the cats relatively young
they will, undoubtedly, outlive me
they have never spent a day without me being there
Two were born here, never going anywhere
but to the vet
this is hard to reconcile
I'll try to make arrangements before the inevitable.

thanks for your thoughts,
I do appreciate your recollections and insights etc.


author comment

there are a lot of people that wouldn't begrudge their cats a few nibbles to keep them alive, but only three or four days? I'm not sure that a dog would be so quick to partake of their owner after he/she was deceased. Of course, cats are kinda fussy about what they eat and I guess they figured that any longer and the meat would spoil. Anyways, this one was fun as well as [pragmatic]; I guess the term is? ~ Gee.

Honest critique and comments shouldn't hurt.
It's why we are here, to get better at our craft.

3 or 4 days..maybe, unsubstantiated reporting, maybe in a coma for days before actual death, maybe winter, no heat, leading to misreading of time of death, maybe
the cats had been yearning for a taste for years...don't believe everything you read!

It is "poetry" after all...mostly big fat lies of crazed writers, looking for attention! (does this need an LOL?)

the style here could be characterized as 'pragmatic' ...just say it, and stop.

thanks for stopping by,


author comment

When I first moved onto the farm with my OH, there were 17 cats.............. yeup 17, which he fed twice a day. Slight problem in that I am asthmatic and very allergic to cats! Most of them were feral and moved into the big barn making little houses in the hay and straw. Still fed twice a day - well if we didn't the local bird population got it big time! The odd one decided it knew which side its bread was buttered and was a sort of half house, half barn cat.
I cleaned and redecorated and took more tablets and inhalers.
We are now down to about five of them, with just one, who really wants to be domestic, but the wild instinct hasn't left. She's called Raggy and will come and sit with me, go and collect the post with me or garden with me, but won't actually come in and settle inside.
I love this poem, besides being well written, its dark and rather macabre humour appeals greatly.
Great stuff. Jx

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too bad about your allergies. Time spent with cats is never a waste of time.
My family was about dogs...One cat interloped the scene for awhile...but I never thought I would become a 'cat person'.
I did have a dog here ( a Cockapoo) along with the cats, she had to be put down (cancer they suspected). Now, just me and the three felines. I like them a lot.

I happy you found the poem to your liking
I appreciate the feedback
thank you,


author comment
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