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Impressionatomy 101

We were introduced, "unlikilly-like"
if we were to agree that that's a word,
her demeanor seemed so serious that
it called for the absurd.

So, I began to re-scramble words
and string them crazily on a strand,
and offered to clasp them 'round her neck
in hopes she'd understand.

Her aura was simplistical mystical
her eyes captured each scene,
then, she portrayed a knowledge worthy
the wisdom of a queen.

Circumstances at first meeting
had a slightly negative effect,
yet, I perservered by coming up with
random thoughts to interject.

Well, that's where I just may have gone
and said things to this lovely, "lass",
that totally misled her
into thinking, I'm but an ass!

And, that wasn't my ambition
to introduce my feeble side,
so, I did what's only right, and true
I calmly smiled, and lied!

Now, you mustn't judge too harshly, though
I reacted, way too quick,
I was caught up in her wiley charms
quite enough, to make me sick!

But, I survived the night in question
and this journey has yet to end,
for, my idiocity oozed just enough natural charm
that she's going to visit, once again!

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
This sort of thing happens to me, regularly enough....that writing this seemed to form the poem with second nature. Go figure. On a brighter note, the woman I wrote this about figured it out...and thinks I'm a "stalker". Thank heavens she's cool enough to give me the benefit of the "doubt"!
Editing stage: 


Don't all us poor men get tang toungled in the presence of a pretty woman? Got a real kick out of this one..............scribbler

this one. Yes, I have been there! Unfortunately when we get flustered like that, they tend to think of us as stalkers and various other weird types. We just don't act right! Well, how can we, when we are faced with something like beauty AND brains? LOL Nice work! ~ Gee

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