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impacts asteriod

repellant of the first foot out meteorite
in place of govern nonexistence. a sprinters cell
lacking the revelation for craters of cesspool
grafts,but impacts as a plume of ash
for sure clue chanced traces of thine dinosaur
upwelling of mound fissures clips grit shadowed
evaporite sulphates latinate of a doubled aggro
some fashion to call airy the merger
patrol ships on the cloud moist highway
sprite the sandals and garden closets
red of the repine rosy, our blood specter
mutants and the key munition " keynote "
makers of language made it further arboreal
my dishwashers fixed - some Capricorn
on beast i bought and she claimed
the actual thing gleaming of lights
staff, sheen , softsheen- knives
bearding of white surface peeled
man i saw touching the raw earth
" the umpteenth proverbial sermons of road complete"

trammeled like wet clay, he drooped from landed
and in miles away calls of the body
soon to shudder paled- muscled vulnerable
mold masons cramp between the tomb snows
refrains monotonous Passovers, the timbers of flesh
timbrels to thine classicist insurrection
i count and say of the dust heart
taken in the water of the weep
for irrevocable store barbed vacations
seep chandeliers sparkle on sea background

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it reads really well live, definitely a performance piece. Love it.

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