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I'M NOT SEXTING YOU ,,,sexual content

sexting you

that kind of man
i really never think about such things
and deplore that behavior in my male counterparts
really its disgusting

i never look at your face
and never think
what would it be like to kiss you
to kiss your ass
your drooly pert pussy
to be your foot slave
geisha boy
sticky pink
full a joy
boy toy

lookin at that teensty
little picture of you
and stinckin thinkin
is her life all fucked up
is she married to dead in the bed
lookin fer love
is she
all vanilla
a dirty dirty
spicy hot bitch
who likes it hard
like a delicious hate fuck
that's just to
hot hot hot
for tender love

ow you beautiful steamy creamy thing

ravenous for
feral porkers at the feeding trough

caring that tomorrow you are my bacon
maybe hoping you wanna be bacon
for a raw lascivious wet mouth
and big teeth
all achy starved
slick yap salivating
like a sopping squeezing porous sponge
to be chewed and digested
no objectification here
hell no
sexting you


Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
What did you think of the rhythm or pattern or pacing?
How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Is the internal logic consistent?
Editing stage: 


me laughing! I think that thou dost protest too much! LoL. Brought me plenty of images! Makes me wonder if it's true that most men think about sex at least a couple of times an hour? The title is apt, your language is as blunt and clear as ever and although I wasn't too aware of the pattern or rhythm
pacing, it read well. The beginning and ending were just fine and... logic? ~ Geezer.

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wooo hooo remember the 60s and 70s love.... the village … Woodstock ….The SF Haight,,,LSD
crash pads and hot tubs, lottsa weed and Hash
Peeps are all stiff now, so retentive PC
I remember lotts a skinny girls in sandals and tight jeans who got down to their panties faster then light travels

Nothing works for long

The best thing is I laughed my ass off writing the silly happy poem and Im delighted you enjoyed it too Geezer

Best Z

author comment

It is a funny poem, to say one thing in a calm way and then just let your imagination go wild, then return to the central theme...then do it again.
Was there viagra in the punch?
I'm sure there are some who might consider this as much a stream of consciousness.
This type of fantasy is most common for most men. For me the whole thing happens unconsciously in about 3 seconds until something in that head of lettuce of a brain (ie George Catanza) says..."hello... what are you thinking?"
I was hoping by 70 it would stop. sure.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

What I learned about women on the most provocative sex site / community I know of is that women who discover their most honest ardent true selves are as sexual and perverse in every way imaginable and in some ways most unimaginable ways While most women are socialized to appear virtuous, self protective and relationship oriented many are plagued with every fetish men are and at times to severe extreme's
So I have learned to make the distinction between the so called normal majority and the so called abnormal ladies who give an above board and highly sexualized life a high value i.e. born to play

One of the reasons men claim to never understand women is because women have been taught to hide who they are and then out of social pressure and fear end up self deceived believing the limits foisted upon them by a Victorian civilization rooted in the epistemological patriarchy and synoptic religions are consistent with there true nature

The most important thing to me about sexually liberated women beyond the obvious pleasure of their company is a sense of real liberation for both sexes; Incidentally this remains central to Crowley, Goddess worship and all things pagan but more importantly, it is central to human happiness as opposed to the profanity of underlying self disgust, fear, and a morality that promotes guilt and limitation to what at its core is unbridled and ecstatic

If a man wants to know what his god is he just needs to look in his own heart; the idea being it may not be what a person thinks it should be

Best Z

author comment

your thoughtful comments.
About a year ago posted this poem here and read it at a workshop- it was received well by men but not by some women who felt it was bad PC, sexist, looking at women as a sex object. A Philogynist is a lover of women, opposite of misogynist. Although the poem is not about sexuality per se, it is about the beauty of feminity and a response to what I consider a ridiculous sensibility of some of the latest feminist politics.

Confessions of a Philogynist

How shall I worship womanhood now?
Shall I imagine a youthful face in 40 years
To add wisdom in the creases by the lips
That reflects a redder tone of gloss?

Shall I lower my eyes like a spanked dog
To avoid a stare at the bare cleavage
With its ruby resting in the crevasse by the heart,
While the nipple shows its shape through the silk?

Shall I attempt to not smell the fine perfumes
As did the oils found in an ancient tomb
Once adorn a woman with sweet fragrance,
Or the minted breath and powdered cheek?

Since the invention of the white shirt
My uniform has just a tie to express my day-
But each woman on this street has her flair,
Her hairdo, purse, ensemble to high heels,

Painted nails, wrists with bejeweled charms,
The daily shift of feathered hats;
How shall I worship womanhood now?
Long ago I chose one and she chose me,

And she still gets her eyelashes extended.
I meekly notice the women around me
Like a tourist in an exquisite palace garden
Unable to confide my praise unto the statues.


I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Consider there are 2 kinds of misogyny irrespective of it narrow definition:

One a real belief that women only exist to be subjugated, to do what they are told, cruel treatment. owned like chattel and the other with in a certain psychological / erotic pathology, fetish as theater indulged by sometimes very liberated powerful women and by some who really thrive emotionally and sexually on an imbalance of power Master slave fetish as a way of life Their sexuality and emotions demand subjugation/ masochism for their happiness, BTW this is very prevalent in the gay community both among homosexuals and lesbians The mainstream hasn't got a clue!

The marriages between such couples often include a more communal nature to include wild fuck parties / swinging tending to be more above board and in many ways more successful than the general populations

Hurt Me
hurt me
she begged!

with big kissing eyes


are you objectifying me?
i can bench 300 lbs ten times
im a rich artist with a graduate degree
sun tanned
good teeth
drivin a new BMW six series
with a rag top
big keen blue eyes
like a pretty girl
wavy hair
smooth balls
seven inch penis
nice ass
with the tender heart of a poet
and a square jaw

want to wine and dine you
always smiling
bay rum kisses
silky tee shirts
luau vacations
or is it off to my castle
in the
impeccable manners
i smell like lavender coconut butter cream
live in a grand house
beach front property
mucho bucks in the bank
nice as spice
you will never have to worry again
are you objectifying me?
because im objectifying you
and id rather not hear anymore about it
lets not argue with nature
its like a rock falling
arguing with gravity
all the way down


Slave Girl Rhapsody

she said
being a feminist
i have forsaken the temples of normalcy
for dark gratifications and base seduction
and discovered that those who know the pleasures
of objectification
and frenzied erotic lucidity with strangers
are wiser then the children of sweetness and light
as marriage betrays the need to satisfy
secret dark labyrinths desire
and in its place
repeats ad nauseum
blunt fortitudes
in dim sunless rooms
for fear of the transgressive

satin's sex nail

is conventions essential creed
exhaustions hand maid
rendered imagine-less
bereft of the new
until a mere stand in
for true desire is left
like a starved ghost
on a dead moon
a desiccated morsel
left for a hungry mouse

is romantic marriage a poetic conception
by love starved Victorian imbeciles
vanquished in increments
by petty spats of blood and thunder
who know not the joys of the whips blood toothed kisses
purgation's brutal sensuality
and a creel
of ramming butter cock gang bangs
in secret fetish gardens
of cries and coos
that leave the ass wilted
and the soul lite
like a butterfly in heaven

slave girl asks
as hips sway
to sacred Dionysian storms
in the smoldering pangs
of the heart
as backs writhe and arch
flex and sweat rhapsodic
and viscera panic with desire

are not such delicious degradations
pleasures ravage despicable
cause for an ecstatic celebration
fiery vapors incense
in-flamed dragons blood
for drooling kisses
that talk in tongues
in a language that everyone understands
infinitely preferred
over the rolling eyes of disapproval
in the tepid marriage bed

author comment

When you get passed the mystique, with some women, the lies they tell you and them selves, and some of the bullshit the mainstream media drives, If done artfully, without fear, and with courtesy a man can reach into the underlying psyche of a women, seduce her, and even uncover her depravity

author comment

PS I definitely consider myself a feminist
because I believe in equal rights and perhaps more than most so called feminists I with many women believe in the sexual liberation of all, transgressive or not
What I reject is some women or men telling others what they should think or do
Fascism is in part a subtle programming that makes many an enemy of their own authenticity
The only thing the so called good people are left to feel is shame (veiled desire) or nothing at all which rears its head as depression, unresolved anger, frustration, despair etc. The average person male or female remains a victim of biblical patriarchy

author comment

check out Georges Bataille

author comment

French philosopher, writer, poet, from the 20-40's ear I never heard of. There seems to be an endless amount! I think that's why I was so attracted to France in the 60's.
So it seems this review tries to tie in with your poems

"In the second and third volumes, The History of Eroticism and Sovereignty, Bataille explores the same paradox of utility, respectively from an anthropological and an ethical perspective. He first analyzes the fears and fascination, the prohibitions and the transgressions attached to the realm of eroticism as so many expressions of the "uselessness" of erotic life. It is just this expenditure of excess energy that demarcates the realm of human autonomy, of independence relative to "useful" ends. The study of eroticism, therefore, leads naturally to the examination of human sovereignty, in which Bataille defines the sovereign individual as one who consumes and does not labor, creating a life beyond the realm of utility. "

Whether or not people in our time, a time in which sexuality is wide open everywhere- I mean it's hard to go to a movie and not see raw sex scenes with naked actors in different positions. Sex is everywhere, Calvin Klien or Dior, Trump and Stormy. On the other hand, now sexual politics have changed everything and made any sexual comments and references as sexual stereotypes and bigotry.
So I am quite sure there are a considerable number of women, and some men, would not quite approve and seek to get you fired from facebook or something for your poem(s). I does seem to me that, of this, you really don't care, and I'm with you on that. You do have a passion for the erotic. Mind as well enjoy it while it's there!

Thanks for taking the time and introducing me to this gent. I've been fascinated lately with ancient Egypt. I suspect you know the cast of writers and "mystics" who have so well rendered their extraordinary discoveries.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Yes, well I have little use for face book in the context of poetry and as I may have mentioned I have been excoriated particularly on another poetry site by intolerant militant so called feminist lesbians I wear it as a badge of honor Sexual freedom is at the philosophical core of A Crowley and much of Satanism, you might like to check out Thelema This for me goes to the heart of whether we are free or not, not just sexually but even as writers, do we self censor, are we PC to a point of stupidity, are we writing with fear, do we understand the difference between say the hate of racism and race play, sexism that hurts and sex play that may have similar characteristics but different intentions and out comes etc. Are we a society that is not yet a mature civilization; blunt and bovine dumb?

author comment
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