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I'm done

Tried to take my life in the summer,
Goodbye to the crazy bitch,
That no one bothered understanding,
Until the no meds, free forming apocalypse.

They chose to turn me away
"not today, you will be just fine"
Took the ticket to nowhere.
Just a waste of their time, and mine?

They don't like my attitude,
they sit waiting for me to cry,
I can't reciprocate their platitudes,
I told them I wanted to die.

I tried to lock the pain away,
Hide the hurt deep inside,
But I guess some spilled out
Maybe in all the tears I had cried.

They say now I’m much better,
Than when they found me Day 1,
Now my contact is sent out by letter,
And I should be proud of how far I've come.

The truth is I don't matter,
I never have and I never will,
Give up with the fake and the flatter,
And pass me the alcohol and sleeping pills.

I'm done

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Being Suicidal since July until the end of 2020 was no fun, I had more reasons to die than to stay, nobody took me seriously and I just got in the way, I stopped taking my meds and that put me in freefall and I could of died. Still here unfortunately
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I hope this is not as depressing and tragic as it seems at first sight.

It will be Spring soon and the Covid nightmare will hopefully come to an end.

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

I have a life time of abuse I have to come to terms with, Covid is not my only battle unfortunately

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Thankyou so very much

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