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I Wish........ RC 6

I wish I was a Leggo man with
replaceable bolt on bits,
and a pop off detachable arsehole
n grease nipples on my tits,


I wish I was leggo man
with a gearbox for a brain
and a cabriolet flip top hair do
as protection- from the rain,

My feet could be two dustbin lids
held on by wire n rope;
maybe double up as landing skids
- but no good on a slope.
the blood of course
synthetic oil,
with that I'd never get sick,
pumped 'round by the bestest
- induction coil,

powering my foot long
- - hydraulic dick.

wish I was a- Leggo man !


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Thank for stopping by mate.

(Nice, Blake. Quote.
Its been awhile since I've read the classics, must remedy that )


author comment

that one day, it will come to pass, that part will be replaceable. Oh wait! I think it has been done already! This way, a woman
can have just the part they want and not have to deal with the rest of us annoying men. LoL
A very good limerick! You may have lost your patience, but certainly not your sense of humor. ~ Geez.

Hello. Geez. I think I remember, "woman". really takes you breath away blowing them up.


author comment
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