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I will hypnotize you ( by Shirley, Rosi and Eddie)

Look into my ocean eyes
Of blue and green surprise
Then you will dance your own dance
And someone new you will find

A dance filled with passion
Which will lead to the place
Where it seems
That heaven and hell collide

Let go of your senses and ride the waves
I see your heart as a darkened cave
Open your mind and forget the past
Take the pain throwing it away at last

Quench your thirst
With the waters of satisfaction
It is found
In the soul of perfect attraction

If I am a witch I am the very best
As when I feel sorrow
I can never rest
Until I burn it in the heat I create

When I’m done
The hidden passion to love
Will stir inside your heart
And fly once again like a dove

As I can feel what’s in you
I sense all things beside you
Look into my ocean eyes,
And someone new you will find

It is guaranteed
That satisfaction after all my work
Will as always without a doubt
Be achieved.

Then and only then will I release you
From the power I possess
My hypnosis will slowly fade away
And no longer will you be obsess

But you don’t understand
that my obsession is with love
And won’t be broken
With no other power or spell

You may be a witch
And possess great magic powers
Nevertheless the love I feel
Is to far inside for any witch to dispel

So thank you for your try
There is nothing,
On this earth or heaven
That can push my love aside

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
this was started before the site crashed a poem I wrote, some how got Shirley and Rosi to send me the Original version in answer to the pain in mine. in the end we did this thanks girls it was loads of fun!!
Editing stage: 


I enjoyed the ride

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Neopoet Community

And no longer will you... be... obsess

can or could we do away with the..... be....

or alter it to
be obsessed

Perhaps English ain't my mother tongue
though I have known
very little of any other language

otherwise super a lative


A good team effort.


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

A good threesome amalgamation..i see a new trend here in Neopoet to confluence thoughts and feelings and let them flow through a joint venture.... i wonder though how you guys are able to do it...may be via chat...

with much love...and wishing you A Happy New Year 2011..

raj (sublime_ocean)

I have not replied, because I feel that this is shirleys poem, and credit should go to where credit is do.
thank you all it was fun to work with my both lovelies
Always Eddie


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