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I, Plotter

I watch the the drear damp din
across the window cill
The weather is gunship grey

An English cliche

As my breath makes mean 'o's
on the pane
I plot
seethe with overwhelming

I resolve to make a plan
plain enough with
pain enough
to punish

I'm buoyed by brevity
audacity in action
he never would have
thought me brave

The 'new' me leaves
lip autographs
on slimy glass
forensics no doubt
will be grateful
that I blew a frozen kiss to my
darling sweetheart bastard

The game has begun forward
I know the rules
this time...

Last few words: 
'Hell hath no fury" a woman with a plan!
Editing stage: 


A truly fine poem.
I'm just not sure about the line
'lip autographs"

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

A beautifully crafted poem which held me captive as if watching a plot unfolding with a finesse. the imagery is very sharp and the words resonate the venomous instincts. This deserves to be in the Imagery works shop simply for the sake of benchmarking...spell binding stuff...thanks for sharing...

i would only suggest swapping bastard with sweetheart in that ironic line "darling sweetheart bastard"


raj (sublime_ocean)

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