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I n d i g o ...


monsoon bathe
the depths swarm
down streets churning
in the oily lamps

sweeping trash and gutters
with its passion

lay lost while the world
asunder groans
in the winds
a dark brow in the light
like an arch of night
and lashs restless
when the rain throws
itself against the rooftops

Editing stage: 


There-ug-go Indigo,
out in the storm eye
its tears disturbing the lashes,
rushing dust devilled corners,
swilling the cheek's arc
murmurs and sobs,
night hidden monsoon.


"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

As the title?great write but I was unclear as to title

this title is closer to the works then others..
Titles for me
are abstract
or mean much

like the true arabic words for stars
or origin of words transformed through

Maybe I should change it to something similar
What would you Suggest!

author comment

That I'm not sure I'd be able to write a title for something that digs deep in emotion.
Surprisingly I am not shallow despite!

but I lost it on a wild night
driven between madness
and obsession
the insanity clutching grim
and gleeful the wheel

So now Im flat at times
just my eyes
carefully watching the scene
like an audience at the museum

I can feel the titles
come alive like whispers
crawling into rooms with the sun
through skylights
vaporous and ghost like

I arrive in mornings to my dogs scratch
simple and plaintive on the door
for our walk in the pink flame breath of
dawn Frozen and tastful like a bowl of
Neopolatin ice cream

I take my trashy and humour and wear it..
and my sombre renassaince eyes for a walk hall of hooks for the cloaks
and masks I wear
the book of spells for the souls within my thin skin


author comment
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