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I Breathe But Slowly

The doc says
take long and deep breaths
so I breathe slowly
hold it
then release
the doc takes his fees

He leaves

do breathe daily
till you live
after that 'twill
be heavens will

depends on availability
of an invisible bed
out there
till then keep
holding your breath

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Hello, Lovedly,
Within the past year, the word "breathe" has come to represent so many things, but in my anxiety during this trying time I am reminded to relax by taking three breaths - inhale the positive, exhale fear. For me, your poem reminded me that being aware of our breathing does cleanse us and center us, Thank you!
Take care,

Funny, how when we are young and healthy, we take so little notice of something that we do hundreds, thousands of times a day. Even through the night, when we are in dreamland and unconscious, we breathe. Then, comes the day when it doesn't seem to fuel your body the way that it used to; the time when you can't seem to get enough air to run or do the everyday things that were so easy before. Yes, take it slowly, so that you don't use up all the ones you have left before you are ready to go. Yes, breathe; take time to enjoy life and the things that are important. ~ Geez.

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In my view
deliberate breathing is to ensure pure oxygen goes into lungs and used up one u exhale
and you are aware you are still forcefully ALIVE .
Thank the doc for your actions
till you can give a GREEN Signal
now pack me up kindly
Thanks for breathing
along with me.
I'm still of my own living

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