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i am reminded of my love

My heart burns for you in the night
there can never be enough reason not to fight
for when you come around every month or two
I'm reminded of how much I missed you
though when we are separated I lose those thoughts
if he really loved me he would stay
but is this all just my brain
for when when he comes again

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I remember when...I loved him so intensely... it was so hard to face the music and let him go... the best of luck to you. your poem is very potent.

*hugs, Cat

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I do not know he why or where fore but I do know it sounds like a love that shouldn't be


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I originally wrote this poem with no intention to relate to it
however, now I see we were never meant to be

author comment

Yes, I know what you speak of. Me, a man? Yes, we have those experiences too. You have written of a place in life that only can give you heartbreak and done so most clearly and understandable. ~ Geezer.

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