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I am grateful by Lovedly cc6 AUG 2017

I am grateful
I am gratefulllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
to all of you
so nice so true

Some day in the wilderness of time
without any reason nor rhyme
we may meet under a brilliant sky
a galaxy
starry but bright night

then alone and then only
you may ask
is it ye
can't believe it

tooth shattered
face all wrinkled
hair white bald and strewn
but eyes still exist
closed sleepily

what a boon
but come soon

the darkness is not far away
come night or another day
Lovely will then only be
of Lovedly

And blessings all that give to me
all ye...
all are welcome to see me

A desert's deserted
oasis delight
an ocean's
lost surf
a gardener’s rose
will still shine
'coz it's an emblem
of mine

Lovedly's works will remain
a veritable gold mine
come and read me
may be the last
as the sunsets
far in the distance,
yeah fast...

Lovedly submerges
ere the ocean calms down
for the darkest night

The Titanic too sank
when it was calm and quiet
so eerily silent

come back to me
yell not then all thee

for once the wind blows away
the bells toll through the morning of May

For whom
GONE with the Wind
will also be


no not self centred
for all to RE MEM BER

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Gone with the wind
You were
Blown into Oz
With golden roads
And friendly scarecrows
Tap tap tap
Toll on to may
May it come soon
Time to play
Come it may

some way to together play
as in heaven we lay
or pass again
along an unknown pathway

till as long as you must
and can stay on Earth you play

in the wilderness we may not meet
but still hope we may

after month of MAY
2018 i say

author comment

now that's a basketful of imagery. Good one.

Keep writing,old friend

where have you been
may love this too

In her memory poetry

In an old car leave all the paper
car may rust faster
some guy will junk it
he will
but if she buys or comes along
all paper she will till
and herself try to kill
why did she not let you
lend her loving will
don't kill
she will come along still
and as the guy above says
some wear the worst colour black
some mares beautiful only are darkest black
don't scatter
doesn't matter
the paper is garbage as it is for you
some publisher someday will BLESS U
and in your memory
summon his crew
make a verses stew

then go to McDonald
in praise of you

author comment



I made a promise/resolution
breakable though
i won't post for a month
but comments as poems
will continue
now u read em too

author comment
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