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be rare invectives and infectious paw
licking the feeble
force crush
directed head digits
consensus latent
and lamp heat
acumen hatched
rays lay
splay slay
turrets watch- lordess
to all the land...............
re-open circuits

pyres roll on continuum
eight day fevered
accolade a call
beak and peak contour
peace destroyed in rendition
of battle-cry hassle weary
deceased rejuvenated orb
imitation to shrub
as all sole on earth grub................
eternity in the parameters of no limits
beauty feral to roots mistrust
who might choose silence more passive
the paramilitary play lest
of self saviour for self
this fanaticism a shroud trigonometry
either of ourselves
tomb be this
here stilled misfits
let me intercede
the bier on a podium
liberty will face its opportunism
desperately for the secession
truth of succession will undo us,
our third we must come to its conclusion
and have an independent mind
making telepathic plans
but there might be a misdirection
all this way to vanish
of the by-law
escalation pathetic to the river

Review Request (Direction): 
Is the internal logic consistent?
Editing stage: 


so I am reading you
as from the dungeons of unread
I want you to unfold

like a petal
struggling for the sun
in the thick foliage
in search of being
some one

under the SUN!

which you are

now do like wise
you from me
are not too far

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