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How Sad True Sadness

There was a sadness I revered,
But never possessed,
Because there was youth
And opportunity to spare,

But as life ebbs,
And opportunities recede,
I know that sadness for real,
And how sad true sadness feels.

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There is no sadness equal to that of missed opportunities. Nice, complete and so true. This is in classic style; short, sweet and complete. ~ Geezer.

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I truly appreciate your words, it means a lot. And that is so true, missed opportunities is uniquely agonising in terms of sadness.

author comment

You rip my heart out sir, It's so true that we are very naive when young, however maybe some of us also miss out on that tremendous voice of someone wise enough to help us on our way, being young isnt easy
Even though we beat ourselves up in later life I really believe its all for a reason. This poem is truly stunning.

Thank you...Teddy

I love your description so much. I do see what you mean, after all, if things hadn't happened the way it did for me, I would almost certainly never turned to verse as a means of expression. No one has ever described my pieces the way you do, I am truly amazed, and thank you again. Carl.

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