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On His Passing Away

On His Passing Away

''We all have not come
to live forever
but to live a life
worthy enough
we have to live through
must endeavour''


My heart sweats tears of happiness and sorrows
I have observed with keen silence and quietude
the suffering of our dear patient
the patience showered by his spouse
these past ten years...
has been astoundingly incredible
but loving ones do endear.

Today at this hour of grief,
like my mom died a half century away
I did not cry...
In fact I only controlled my inner emotions
my throat choked.

Is it sorrow or is it grief
whatever it is, it’s a great relief
to the ill one now rested
in the far folds of limitless eternity
left his family to endure peace

They all were waiting for this day
God be with the one who loses
LIFE is a one way ticket only
all by now really know it
Amen friends
‘twas a saddened end
my amends...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


A wonderful eulogy for a friend lost to the world. You always write your best when the subject is personal.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

from my heart
As I only speak the truth
and by now all know it

But yes what you say now is true
I am awake as he sleeps in the mortuary
an eternal sleep
I await my turn
he beat me a bit...

Tomorrow we shall for ever bid goodbye
as he floats into his new journey
towards unlimited eternity
we shall never meet
how sad 'tis

thanks for your participation
it lightens me

author comment

it a painful moment but let's pray that may his gentle soul rest in peace,AMEN.

He is burning in flames
the electric crematorium
had a long waiting list

Let his soul
as all believe in

author comment

to the glorified human journey
of a man we all loved

Today was the fourth day
of his passing away...
Adieu now to him
and this poem we may admit
destiny had been writ

author comment

Beautifully crafted piece Lovedly.Certainly we have not come to live forever, the legacy left behind matters.Let your fortitude be anchored on the good legacies he left behind.

for such lovely words
Thanks again

author comment

It's a pleasure Lovedly.

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