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On Her Wings

Not so long ago, the journey of life became hard and difficult.
a troubled mind made the waters seem too deep and stormy.
a weakened spirit made the hills feel steep and hard to climb.
a weary heart made the paths seem long and endless.
And the land of hope, joy and peace became distant and impossible to reach.

Then, that special person in my life took control of my journey,
with her kindness, her patience and her love. And like an Angel,
on her wings she guided me through the waters which gradually became shallow and calm
on her wings she carried me up through the hills and they became easier to climb
on her wings she took me along the paths and they were long and endless no more.

And now the land of hope, joy and peace, though still some distance away,
seems to be within reach again.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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My troubled mind, hard and difficult
made the waters seem too deep .
my weakened spirit made the hills feel steep
too hard to climb
to weather the storm
my heart is weary, its path too long
the land of hope, joy and peace
too distant, too impossible to reach.

Then you came and showed me my way,
with gentle kindness, with the infinite patience
of an Angel
on your wings I am guided through still water
on your wings I am carried up through the hills
on your wings, though I must take many paths
they seem not as long nor endless as before,
with untold love she brings me home.

Hope you don't mind if I came by to ruin your poem with my *help*. Sorry. I can't help myself


This poem reminds me of on the Wings of an Angel.

Hi Anna,
Interesting feed back here and it's fascinating to see the way you would have written it.
I gave this poem to my wife after she had helped me through a depressive illness a few years ago.
Thanks for dropping by and taking a look again.
take care,

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