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Hendrix In the Mood

loose current the tongue will disolve
Sip it, and spit it, barren
we fall if stars
that rap
quit it!
a frozen hungry hendge
the bottom desire would prove
Hendrix in the mood
pay deep homage through the surface of a touch
an ego with one to watch there aura
smooth to the soft parade;

in bitter touch
the face to tempor with a current come clean
candy whisper & yeasterdays taunt
created and crafted in the common ego will not let go;
below is the patient by which to share

shallow is the principle...
in the work of a heroic deed
rap to the rhyme
ryme for the reason
its the changing of the season

treasure a chin word behave

Editing stage: 


you have a very musical feel to your language. not in the sense that they sound like songs, per se. but I love the sound of your language!

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