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Hello Friends

Friends come and go

I missed you all… these long days…
summers came and went away…
where on earth?
in which corner do you stay…

never from this site go away…
tis for those who love the art…
poetry is simply just a part …
you interact with folks all along …
some scribble...
as if you to them belong….

long gone into the summers of life…
the evening is just a passing romance…
they come and go…
that’s all I know …
Some love …
a miniscule love to blow…

but can we do without such kind …
friends simply just
apply your mind…..

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


That's better you have written a good piece with a good theme.
This is what will let other walk with you here.
I missed a couple of weeks but still tried to keep in touch, had a lot of work to think about and how to sort out, but managed just the same.
The walking around in Cornwall has made me very sore and my old legs are complaining, damn this age thing.
Good to have you back to write with us,
Yours, Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

when I was young
I too was like you ...
smiling face
a smart cut moustache
a whiskey frisky
at girls
all my while

till one day
I was roped
and then doped
tied to a post
for life

why do you go looking about
for a bride
now have any day
any time a free lovely ride...

that's how
they came out with the
Anyway Timely Married
Any Time Machine
my man


author comment

even if in this site we are absent
in our hearts we are still present
sharing our art with a kindred spirit
we reveal our piece bit by bit

so wait for our return, my friend
and keep on writing your masterpiece
and when we gather in the end
together we will enjoy
your wonderful piece


bow to you
for words with which you praise
Hope J does not read it
ere he will u from here erase

thanks for you lightning rays
and praise


author comment

will he take offense
when i mean no harm?
I didn't insult him
I mean to charm
Aren't friends supposed to encourage
each other in goodwill
that we may enjoy together
the simple pleasures of this short life still?
Please show me where I err here
for I cannot see the truth you know
If it be my folly, I'll end it here
that all resentments may cease to grow


be yourself
the world has self designed leaders...


author comment

my thanks for the kind words
but you know however,
who is the real deal between us..


is keep on writing your poems, that to a novice like me, they seemed like a masterpiece which I want to enjoy together with the rest of our friends as I learn from them and feeling inspired to keep on writing myself. That's all.


good thoughts expressed here by you

raj (sublime_ocean)

hope you all enjoyed your Holi


author comment
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