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hello fathers

Father of Man

Yes only a child...
Boy is father...
a child can also be a mother...
as only genes of masculinity...
go down the throne....
they say today even madness...
is a gift of pops genes....
there can be no revision...
except by medicinal provision.....

So O man,
you have sown
shared your sperms...
with many sons

How happy your pop
and grand pop must be...
as their names will live...
till the end of time
along with the sun
for all times to shine

You have dug up a gold mine,
let them continue your chime
till your rhyme
also becomes sublime
till end of your time

Thereafter who knows
who will be where
as none will you see
after time does bury...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


Supp Homie!

I made Life....a girl...(I only have girls)
and I raised or help raise in total
three women...
not the kind of guy who says shove
off...I built tree houses..
made sure they were street safe
met them at the bus depot
picked up the home work
Braced the now turned idiot
abusers at the door...
oh yah...Not a pansy push
I stand for my word
I am having difficulty signing
in here....Not sure if its politics
(cant mention names) or tech
issues...Why I kind of am
reluctant to join Premium
...either way If I cant get on
here anymore...
for whatever reasons
I do and have enjoyed my
time chatting with U...

Mr Wolf!

you are a thesaurus poet

even I am having some difficulty
but I feel its not pointed at only me
some others also feel
We have exchanged views
you are a born poet
as I am too
some day when I come to Niagara again
I shall meet you
down some lane
with a crowd I shall know
poet who
Y O U !

author comment

brother...I have had backing..or been alone....
or hooked up with the in crowd there.....
Many are so starched panties
they break in half
and no one comes to their aide..
people hand You the shovel
say..b*** this M********r
everyone hates
shit heads

I worked with the brilliant tne posesed
top intel..
you would never know
they carried a satchel bag
from Bay street Entire floor offices
to office..
brave lads...carried a peices
knew how to handle a shiv
or the ladies..
clocked in to the top brass
of Ontario Funded Projects
spare time they fed me lunches

hell man...
so much intel..
so you are having issues to
so it might just be a glitch
glitches start from snitches...

my world says so...

but if not...

Ennjoy your writing either way.
ur a champ
thank U!

MR wolf says so!

you make out of me a street post high lamp

author comment

Here I come...drinking my coffee
and leaning against U.....
smoking my fag!

throw me your light of reason..
could tell U stories
but no..
suffice to say....

your light here makes me

Thanks Lovedly!

Mr Wolf!

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