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Heart Disease

My heart races
My skin tingles
I'm scared again!
Every thought spinning around my head.
If I tried to follow,
I'd snap my neck!

Racing turns to pounding
Tingles turn to numbness
Why am I So afraid?
Any and all insecurities rise to the surface.
If this is who I am,
I don't want to live.

My chest hurts
but my body numb.
Is this what dying is?
Sheer panic holds me down, unable to move.
If I die,
Where will I go?

My heart is like mother’s,
Like my sister's.
Big hearts and broken values.
Sheer luck for me the hole in wall healed without surgery.
No way to cure it.
No insurance to pay for it.

Just my broken heart and me.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How was my language use?
How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
Last few words: 
I have a heart condition that's what this poem is about.
Editing stage: 


A lovely poem.

Especially, my attention was on two verses.

1. You can feel because you said "My chest hurts."
Then, you wrote, "I can't feel anything."
There is a contradiction of perception and cognition here.

2. I like the following expression of yours.
"My heart is like mother’s,
Like my sister's.
Big hearts and broken values."

With a humble thought of healing your broken heart, I have posted a new poem
"The Heart of the Autumn."

Live long and prosper!


Your heart comment about the condition
reminded me of that...
My terrifying road trip in a twenty thousand
dollar camper out east on one lane
roads and four lane speedster highways
through Montreal..Ottawa
like traffic..flow supposed to be one way
but cars zipp through the ideal of the of pressure
flow...ah...high blood pressure..stress.
atmosphere as we

all my friends have something
Me I got thought problems..mental
others diabetes...Emmy a sweet
girl I know has too carry her
nitroglycerine...others epi

It is scary....
and worse to not be able to pay
for fix....
like driving on a weak tire
I did this...
on my bike...but at times
I didnt care....opened
up the speed....
almost been run over twenty luck will run out
pain is not fun
busted head..
coma..paralysed not

sit inside...never take
risks or know what I can
do..that edge of the ledge
I call it...without falling

People with the best values
get challenges..
and the rotten people
are fit as fiddles till they
just wear out
I swear being miserable
and hanging on too all
one steals...hoards
maybe lets them live
longer...but I was with
some of these at the
end....they had no was a tomb
of their wealth
all they stole...
a lesson for me

im dirt poor
but I love being
on Neo
love Being a poet
love life...

the van trip...I just
made time when
we were stopped
to go out...
sit in a coffee shop
take the vicious
german sheperd
who befriended me
finally on walks
at night....

Your poems is excellent
flows great
its brave
most people just
whine about their
conditions...the weepiness
which is okay....

but I like the raw
like the clothes I buy
second hand
I can find the treasures

this poem is one
for its bravery
and openess
about what is
truly unknown
beyond the most
difficult and truly

Very profound

thank U very much!!
Mr Esker!

This poem rings of honesty and sincerity. Well done. No doubt heartbreak can have physical manifestations, but this line confuses me a bit. Not sure of its purpose or intention.

Doctor said my heart’s too big.
‘It's not a problem’ he said,
‘Unless...’ he said.

Thanks ... Mike

feeling of insecurity pretty vividly expressed in this poem with good choice of words...

life is good...stay good..feel secure..may your heart be at ease

raj (sublime_ocean)

Thank you for reading.

The Unknown Poet

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