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From the Heart

I ripped a poem from deep in my heart,
the angst was palpable to feel,
a poetry competition would impart
a freshness to those words great appeal.

'Twas sent to be adjudged with all the rest,
would it be found wanting in some way
or standing tall among the very best
a testament to noble sharp word play.

Who can tell what merits rang so true
for a machine digested it and spat it out
regurgitated words were formed anew
and none could tell what they are all about.

Editing stage: 


I just read a poem that left me feeling the way you just described. I like yours much better! I suppose that the avant-garde will be all over me for not being poetically-correct, but damn it, if I can't
say what I feel without being castigated... Anyways, you said what I was feeling! Nice job. ~ Gee.

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The inspiration for this came from viewing the winners of several poetry competitions that made me regret the time wasted reading them. There are some truly bad poems that wind up with awards and I came up with this alternative explanation for those results,

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

author comment

there are those types of programs on the internet for real.
fill in some blanks and an algorithm will generate a poem
probably kind of fun, but....

I like your fairly straight forward approach to writing, with just enough ornamentation to give it character, while remaining accessible.

thanks for that



that I have heard of even allow you to select from some famous poet's styles. Needless to say they produce garbage but some find them slightly amusing.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

author comment

that you won some awards from competitions. From who and where?

you missread. I was talking about competitions but I don't enter. Poetry is, to me, merely fun that can be enjoyed alone, then possibly shared. As a rhymer there are probably few competions that would consider my efforts anyway.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

author comment

we should not
to the whims and fancies
of a single poet
his likes and tastes!!!?

I have conducted over 100 contests
none did protest
except one
who I gave a HM
he wanted a Golden handshake,
as he thought his poetry came
gold plated
by someone in heaven

I abandoned competitions,
it generates turmoil
as high potential poets
burn midnight oil

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