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On Hearing of the Death of an Old Friend

I’m so sorry, my beloved old friend,
I didn’t even know you had gone,
That you had left us very suddenly,
Some twenty years ago last February,
Please forgive me, my beloved old friend,

For failing to see you more frequently,
For I might have provided some comforting,
Even lessened your terrible suffering,
But I only found out recently,
Please forgive me, my beloved old friend.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
'On Hearing of the Death of an Old Friend' was written in early 2020 in memory of a close boyhood friendship, even though we rarely revisited it in adulthood, but he remained as he had been as I recall him from those few occasions we did meet as adults, a man of great charm and personal sweetness, and of an almost impossible romantic purity and zeal.
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


I feel the remorse, I live in a small town and sometimes even as crazy as it sounds I don't see people from year to year some of them three or four years, that's life. We all say oh we should do this we should do that, but life with its own funny twists takes us on regardless. That's for sure. This is only sad if you want it to be as the reader for me you have brought him back to life in a poem. Carl my friend, I would only ask you think of a better title, that doesn't sound like a line. Something like unforgotten friends or awakening my memories also on hearing the news . I know I nag you sorry!

Thank you...Teddy

Please do nag, I love it, you have encouraged me here more than you can ever know. Yes, I have brought him back to life, it is sad to realise he left us just before the rise of the internet, so could not leave his mark there. I see what you mean about the title, I'll think about that. Carl.

author comment

with Teddy. This sounds like a poem/letter written in days gone by, when one did write letters and I would say that the title fits well. Right away, it made me feel as though I were reading a letter written to assuage the guilt of not keepin in touch. ~ Geezer.

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Yes, what you say is very true, it was written from the heart in genuine sorrow, although I got the year wrong and have changed that. As for the title, it's rather long, but I am glad you like it, as I told Teddy, I will have to think about that. Carl.

author comment

it does seem to be a letter, and it is very deeply remorseful and full of helplessness as you didnt know he was sick and yes the internet can be a great tool, I adore the real stuff that all can relate too, Your titles all belong to you Dear Carl, and just because it doesnt appeal to me doesn't mean it's wrong, but i know you know that. Geezer is a Great Critique here and it's nice to hear the thoughts of others, thats how we learn to see the different angles and views. Have a great day Guy's

Thank you...Teddy

And I am very pleased you relate to the real stuff, to me that is the true essence of verse, although many would disagree, but I'm so pleased you don't. I always welcome your advice, it means more than words can say. I agree, Geezer's razor-sharp insights are of great value here, as you say, learning is where it's at, long may we continue to do so. Carl.

author comment

Recently lost the best friend I ever had. So the sorrow in this is very relatable but the remorse is one thing I don't have because we remained close over the course of a 40 year friendship. Your poem is succinct

...about your friend, Scribbler. So pleased you liked this, thank you. Carl.

author comment
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