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"- Hawking Dawkins -"

Eminent professors everywhere
even those bound to the chair,
all agree whid liddle ol' me-
we'll all be fucked eventually,

We're gonna die - we're gonna fry
ya might as well kiss yer ass g'bye.
it's difficult to comprehend
jus' when this shit is gonna end,

In a ball o' fire we're in the mire-
JEEEZZUS man we'll all expire !
it may be quick o'er in flick
clock is ticking tick tock tick,

Or it maybe slow the way ya go
- jus' 'nuf time for one more blow,
either ways it's fair to say
we're gonna end up - - consommé.

Editing stage: 


conflagaration shish ka bob
when the horsemen and his
riders flay the hides upon
their beastly steeds
and we sizzle
far beyond third degree!

our city will be the first place
a bunker would be fine to be
in eventual nuclear nuetrality
but why...

i will drag out my wheeled
chair and ray ban knock
offs for the show
I may hit sixty down the street
waving to those I pass and
great...a lah shock wave
dragster dash

man...ur a cat whose got the
quip the witty lash of the
mental whip

smiling as your dexterity
wheels the wheels

a true carny of the show
of man

thank U Obi
ur our only hope
tickling the funny

saw a pic of obama
while waiting for a medical
script in the rack
cant believe hes in the
drivers seat

and Hawkins
always had this great
wit...he reminds me
of Captian Pike from
Enterprise show
star trek

if only trump had a
similar beep for yes
and beeps for no

thank U poet extraordinairre

Mr Wolf!

Yo, Esk… Thanks fer stopping by and laying an egg,,,, a golden one..


author comment

but in verse two line two you missed out ass. That fowls up the rhythm.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

Hiya, Keith, Oh dear God, I've gone and lost my arse again !!
Thanks for that catch mate,,


author comment

Gave me a chuckle, so that's a good thing.

You have pointed out the way of all flesh in such style.
Made me smile.
That wasn't supposed to rhyme :-)

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Aggh bloody iPad, keeps posting twice.
Nothing to do with operator error.
Of course. Jx

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

Start the day with a good fry.
Hit mid day with mash or hash.
Drag the evening out with a stout.
Get legless and enjoy forgetting,
Yours Ian..
Great write may I add lol..

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